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The crisis in Honduras continues…

clip_image001[5]Those who are traveling, stay where they are, airports closed, my son is happy because he won’t have to take his exam. The situation is: Curfew for more than 24 hours, no business, no work, and no solution.


The rest, just a continuation of the same novel in which its ends, each day are more polarized … after almost three months of its initial spark. It is dangerous to say something, because the neighbor could be on the other side and it would be terrible to break a lifelong relationship only for expressing a sincere emotion. The easiest thing is to think that Zelaya or Micheletti (one of the two) has the blame for everything; humans are like that, our mind takes us to simplify complex issues and our brain facilitates puzzles blaming one person, a small group, a date, a circumstance or a political party.

clip_image001 Doing a reading of the past 50 years, we all know that revolutions are necessary to create precedents and make significant changes. It would be painful to go through a crisis without creating roots for the necessary changes (that of course exist) in front of a social debt that can not be hidden, harmful customs of politicians habituated to do whatever they want to, limited visions of participatory building and a gap between reality and what they sell canned to us. To make changes, we need to write, think, propose, and dream … not just to wear a red shawl on our face or a white t-shirt (on the outside). The contingency is beyond what is mentioned on Wikipedia about it, a word easy to be used as a tongue twister, but not so simple to take it into this enviroment without biasing.

Contingency… The contingency differs from the possibility, from a formal point of view, because the possibility includes statements or propositions which are necessarily true as also some not necessarily false, while one can’t say that a proposition is contingent if it is necessarily true.

Some can be behind 105 key, with the tranquility that we have not lost the 125 kbps and believing that “they” should solve their problem. But we are also human in a borrowed country, where we have family and sincere friends, some of them breaking their chest with the resistance, others in the tank which is launching flows of water; both of them aware of their responsibility and conviction. Therefore we can not help feeling, because principally we are brothers and the situation led us to defend thoughts that strayed their original path (Spanish idiom: “soltaron la tangente”) at a time unknown to us.


Anyway, we hope this situation does not cost us another 12 years of civil war in the meandering of Araute’s river, also that we should not lose more family members and, once and for all … these bastards reach agreement.

After this, we appreciate the space this crisis gave us for proposing, and if it is possible, linking, neuronal patches that make sense to build a consistent output to the needs that could not hide with all this noise. We would also appreciate that some people get aside and leave working to those who expect a gap to provide help… and of course I hope to return enjoying a roasted meat with my neighbor on Friday night.

That’s life, utopian as the last paragraph, real as the first one and exciting as when I pressed the button “publish” … just 4 minutes before the power was out.

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