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The best of my vacation

After more than two weeks of rest, I have returned; it results complicated to tell by post the best of a vacation trip with the family. Here I summarize the best:

The meals

Holidays always cause guilt because it is hard to say no to food provided by friends at this time and it’s ironic to go to an exotic place without trying the local foods.

In the Centroamerican Pacific, it’s a custom to eat much at Christmas:

  • Torrejas, soft bread embedded in beaten egg cream and sweet boiling sugar cane.
  • Nacatamales, meat and vegetables into a corn paste, wrapped in banana leaves, cooked in boiling water.
  • Pozol, corn drink with milk and cinnamon.

Here I leave a sample of the Sailor soup, it brings a lobster, three crabs, half lisa fish, shrimp, oysters, green banana… all in a soup for $ 9.00


The kids

This is what I could not change with any trip, seeing them running on the beach, pushing to go beyond, shouting, singing … In their innocence they had fun in a big way, ignoring any threat of global crisis.

In the photo, they’re showed when looking for shells while the tide is low. Back herons are eating snails in a robe covered by an artificial barrier formed by coral rocks and in the background, the shores of the Gulf of Fonseca, shared by Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.


The adventure

Among the various places I went, it drew my attention the trip to Isla El Tigre, a volcano that stopped eruption about 10,000 years ago.

According to what the tour guide told us, this volcano rather than erupt the last time, exploded reducing its height and overflowed to one side; in this area you can see the projection that it had, it is said to have 4.500 meters above the sea, what would make it the highest in Central America. Currently the highest are Tajumulco in Guatemala (4.420 m) and Irazu in Costa Rica (3,432 m). In the end the tour is very educational; the guy who took us in the moto-taxi had a graduate degree in tourism at a university from El Salvador.

On the island you can see an ancient cave known as “The mermaids”, there are three rocks with engraved lines that are supposed to contain a treasure map of pirate Drake, people are very friendly and I… I recommend it!

According to statistics, this blog received 139 visits in recent days of people who must live very near this place … I just hope this do not seem like a novelty what I just mentioned for them.



The economy

By nature I tend to be “wedge” (Spanish Idiom: cuña) or as my friends tell me “thrifty” (Spanish Idiom:carne de lora) because I don’t like spending lot of the money which not always we have to spare. Being with family and friends results economical, taking advantage that fuel’s cost is very low, look how cheap it is to make this kind of adventure, unforgettable trips by which the kids will remember me and that I will not regret if someday I return to emigrate for a long time.

Go and return from the nearest town:

  • Spent fuel to reach the coast: $7.00
  • Payment in boat towards the island: $6.00
  • Lunch for 4 people: $26.00
  • Pool usage: $5.50
  • Travel around the island in mototaxi: $10.00
  • Souvenirs and extra sweets: $8.00

Total: $62.50

Dividing by four, results $ 15.63 for each one … less than my monthly costs of Internet access.

clip_image005[1] By the way… are you there?

What if, in a line, you can mention some of what you did?

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