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The 5 States of Matter

TRANSLATION NOTE: Please read the comments at the end of the post to clarify the real meaning of some terms.


Dear friends, I would like to drop a poem of the kind that stir me nostalgic, but it will be another day. For now I’m enjoying a holiday that cost to come, here some superficial details.

  • My daughter had her first bicycle course without supporting wheels … and I was there.
  • My son spent half a day exercising with the Wii fit, I tried but that animal tells me I’m in 21 extra pounds.
  • Me, eating tamale of cambray (*), it waits for me a baked turkey and potato salad as I like, with apple. Hearing some firecrackers, because here is not yet prohibited and saving space because tomorrow will be cooked an amazing (Spanish Idiom: “de padre y señor mio”, huge, phenomenal) Sopa Marinera (*).
  • Furthermore, sleep until 9 am for replacing 6 weeks of unveiling. Get up to see that finally Francisco J. returned to Gabriel Ortiz Forum and enjoy a modem that connects with the minimum mobile signal.
  • The Aspire One is wonderful for this, and to play a little testing ArcGIS 9.3, this toy incredibly supports it with much power

By the way I wish you a Merry Christmas.


Tamale of cambray: Traditional Centre American dish made with corn. They are entirely sweet and contain prune and almonds.

Sopa Marinera: “Sailor Soup” ” is a kind of soup made principally with fish, prawn, sea snail, coconut milk and chili pepper.

Texts in the photo: (Beginning from the top)

Barefoot à Relax of all a year

Hairy Paw à Nicaraguan hammock

Live without GIS à making my trip route

Alcatel Modem à Internet wherever you want to

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