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Testing the Kodak EasyShare M341

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

clip_image001After my Benq’s irreparable loss, which surely a funnyman is enjoying at the expense of my carelessness, I went for a more economical option to solve the lack (*).

It’s interesting how this toy that does not exceed $ 150 is amazed. In general, is almost as any camera of these days, with half the price of a Sony with its annoying Memory Stick. It supports SD.

Resolution: 12.2 Mega pixels.  That’s enough, anyone would take it little importance to both, but note the difference when taking pictures with long zoom and make cuts to small areas.

The panorama takes: It’s pretty good, not just a simple union of continuous shots, but it makes a kind of degradation following the tone changes not necessarily linear. This is an example of the Gulf of Fonseca, in the Central Pacific; impeccable transition though I remember brightness bothered me to the degree that I could not see the overlap.


Look at this shot, which despite not being continuous scenes, makes it possible to merge the transition. This was took by my daughter to her whim


Take on the move: In the wheel of fast access, have options to capture object’s speed, taking for camera motion, video capture. See this photo taken from the vehicle:

clip_image004 You can see that the zoom maintains sharpness. It’s not camera’s magic, it’s from the 12 Mega pixels.

This is the dawn on Easter Quimistan Valley in Honduras. Without zoom, the sun would not be in that size.

And to be moving the car, it is not bad.

The picture has a bad control of two thirds, but this morning the valley was a real beauty (**), so as to inspire any egeomate of delicately cut the veins (***) with the knife of Dr. Grey.

… If only you were not anything less than my shadow …

But not today… I am near of two days to go on holiday.


Moreover: common pre-defined functionalities already bringing all as high-resolution for documents, photos for sunset, backlight objects, candlelight, children playing with bright light, inside of Museum, bright on beach, bright on snow, self-portrait, nearby objects, Fireworks, etc.


In this photo example, there are my children looking sad with turtle’s Sebastian death. A sad night, we made a solemn vigil, and without much protocol, throw into the river from the bridge.


(*) salir del paso. It’s a Spanish idiom used when you want to explain you solve the lack or problem in a quick way.

(**) chulada. It’s a Central American jargon, which means beauty.

(***) cut the veins. This colloquial phrase is used when you’re at a desperate or sublime moment.

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