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Testing Aigo MP5, several in one

Aigo is a word coined by the Chinese trying to get competition with the Ipod wordclip_image001, but has not hit much, from this company have been several gadgets like portable solar charger, and digital microscope. The MP5-MP5901 is one of them, apart from multimedia playback features can function as USB memory, FM radio, e-book reader, among others.


  • USB Memory
    4GB at the moment is enough for data transfer purposes, plus it supports MicroSD expansion card up to 8GB which mobile phones have. It is very good solution for viewing or downloading data from the digital camera or phone when traveling.
  • Media Player and more
    It supports a lot of audio formats (MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC), video (RMVB, RM, AVI, MPEG, MPG, DAT, FLV, WMV) and photographs. Otherwise, it has sound recorder (WAV format), that sooner or later is required when in a conference is expected to take notes, there’s not enough time and requires making help-memory for later support.
  • FM Radio
    When you connect headphones, these are converted into a reception antenna for frequency modulation (FM). You can also record directly from the radio in WAV format
  • Book reader
    It brings a reader for e-book formats .txt, while I am not interested much because it intends to turn books with SodelsCot from txt to audio and take advantage of the trip because the battery loaded via USB is over 8 hours with audio and almost 3 with video. It’s a good option for read (hear) many books which are online in digital format.


It’s simply wonderful. It has no more than a button to shutdown / lit. The rest is done with nails as it has a LCD 640 × 480 touch screen, an attractive menu for basic functionality. You have sufficient settings to make the battery lasts longer, as the management of screen brightness or shutdown time while not in use.

It needs a hole to place a cord, with a view to ensuring that children do not let it fall or when we will go to run. For the next model would be good to read conventional SD.

The price is not bad, considering that meets the functionality of an iPod, video player, FM radio, recorder, stopwatch, USB and books reader. Maybe $ 59 is not to waste in a year of global crisis, but to become a self-gift in exchange for accumulated points in the credit card is not a waste … and these days that the power goes and the curfew change as they underwear, it is not bad.

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