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Talking with Tuent’s people

This week has been published in Directions Magazine an interesting interview with Ernesto Ballesteros from Tuent company, which in just 6 questions bring valuable content to the geospatial community.

clip_image001Tuent is an innovative service that among other things, offers the possibility of territorial dashboard mount. It does not occupy a lot turn for them to place online maps, integrated to statistical data and linked to Excel tables. For now the service is available to U.S., Mexico and Spain, but for its innovation, its commitment and speed that have been integrating maps of other countries, I am sure will grow much further, even they have opening for partners who wish to represent them in other countries.

For businesses, local governments or political parties is an alternative almost unbeatable, because with little effort it can take advantage of geomarketing, and everything on the cloud. There is a free version called Tuent free, and for those who expect more, Tuent premium, with which service it is possible to integrate not only the maps you see in the free version and the ability to customize users, access or territories, it is another world.

Certainly with time they will eventually create new customized services aimed at specific sectors such as pharmaceuticals for which the Geofarma service is going well.


I leave the first answer, as an example that is worth reading it completely.

1. Tuent, Who are you? Are you coming on the technology market or from the specific geotechnological market?

We are a relatively young company and with wholly Spanish capital, consisting of a team whose common denominator is always dedicated to geotechnological world, albeit from different perspectives. Some, like myself, started in the production of cartographic data for different public administrations (Cadastre, Self- Communities, etc..) and then we are dedicated to GIS analysis. The development department is made up of programmers who are also mostly from the GIS world. Our General Director, a Telecommunications Engineer, in the past he also occupied senior positions in companies in its sector, specializing in implementing applied geospatial solutions on them.

These are the following questions put to him, with no doubt that when seeing the entire thread, added to the earlier interview with Geomarketingspain we can have an inspiring panorama of successful initiatives in the geospatial field.

2. Many of our readers are developers or analysts from the Geospatial industry and are almost always interested in “the guts” of these products. What technology platform do you use? Do you plan to migrate to payment solutions? How complicated is to integrate Tuent with other corporate data services?

3. Technological developments based on Geomarketing can service a multitude of business models. What is the type of client you claim to get there? Do your customers need specific technological knowledge for the use of your services?

4. For those potential customers that not yet know you, what type of services does Tuent offer? Can you anticipate some kind of fees?

5. You who are fairly knowledgeable about the market, do your customers know the Geotechnologies or are you who previously have had to make an effort to raise awareness of the possibilities of them?

6. As you have mentioned you’ve been since 2006 developing this type of service, at what time of development is your pull services? How do you expect to evolve in the future this type of GEO service? Do you plan to raise mobile solutions based on geomarketing?

More news can be seen in the blog of Tuentfree and its group of Facebook.

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