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Update massive data in WordPress

There comes a time that must be upgraded large amounts of data in a repetitive way on WordPress. A recent example is the case of hyperlinks paths with fixed permalinks. Migrating to and leave the subdomain requires adjustment in many of these fields, as shown in the following example: The previous route was:

Ipad, my 27 favorite applications

Playing, playing with this tablet I proposed to stop using the laptop at the beginning of next year. My uncertainty whether it will really be possible led me to search the basic tools that will replace what I do – and don’t do – in my routine. It is just interesting Apple’s operating model with

From Amsterdam and something more

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. It has been a fairly long trip. 2 hours from Central America to Miami, 8 hours to London, 1 more to Amsterdam: these added with the 6 ones used in connection coupled reaching 17. The biological clock was customary after hibernating bear in

10 lines of a typical day

How didn’t occurred it to me before! …that no, I have not died. It’s just a fucking subdomain’s change. Impersonal?  You haven’t read me a couple of days ago. Simple redirect. WordPress MU is a calamity. Ah, there must be a little spinning wheel at the end. It’s also for renew the API of Google

eGeomate: Predictions 2010: Internet

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post to know more about Centro American Dishes and drinks. —— Of course I would like to have a crystal ball and perform like a magician, but it isn’t my claim, my attempt only passes to spend a while in this hammock which is

Wpdesigner, tips for WordPress

Perhaps WordPress is the most popular blogging platform for those who take this job very seriously. Since the moment the user can make his blog works, there is a constant dependence on plugins, themes, tips and tricks to know their optimization. For these users, Wpdesigner is an interesting choice, although this page maintains a fairly

… Where are you, my friend? …

There are no many answers: Travelling. We chose almost everything what we do, although I think many things aren’t more complicated because of lack of time. It’s gratifying to see how municipalities can achieve interesting results with effort and a small push in managing the territory. And we have the same feeling when we see

Love in the Times of Twitter

He was called Pinkfloyd, she flower_chocolate, His embody a gay silhouette, hers a maroon bronze He only searching on Google, she did it on Yahoo! He popular on Facebook, she only loves Hi5! He blogged in WordPress, she did it in Drupal His passion is to live by AdSense, she ignored her being He used

Now, install WordPress

In the previous post, we saw how to download and upload WordPress to our lodging. Now let’s see how to install it. 1. Creating the database For this, in Cpanel, select MySQL Databases. Here, we indicate the name of the database; in this case I will use smoke and press the Create button. See how

Installing WordPress, before 5 minutes

WordPress is a platform on which are mounted a lot of blogs, usually those that, after being with free providers -like Blogger-, want to have better control of their space. It is said that it’s only needed 5 minutes to be installed, but understanding it takes a couple of hours the first time. It happens

Comparative of Hosting Providers

There comes a time when having a blog with Blogger or gets tired, so the leap to paid hosting WordPress or redirect to a domain is an unavoidable step. There are many hosting providers, many of them very good and to make a comparison there are not many better options than WebHostingChoice. Let’s see

Blogs and more blogs

This month PC Magazine’s content comes suitably “reloaded” just as my ways. Apart from being Nadia Molina’s apparently last farewell, it focuses much on Blogs’ thematic offering us advice and beliefs of what has become an interesting web phenomenon. It outcomes too much convincing the analysis between the differences on what is traditionally known as

How to place a map in a web

Suppose we want to put in a blog’s post or on a page a Google maps window, with a specific area and a mark in the center with details. Additionally, we would like to put it with a search engine on the bottom. The simplest way is opening the map on Google Maps, and choosing

Live Writter, photo album

See what interesting functionality has added Live Writter to entry photos on a gallery form since the income of 14.0th version. In this, Blogger (Google) and WordPress have been left behind by not providing a desktop platform (official) to facilitate blogging without having to be connected to the platform. For now, Microsoft won the request

egeomate, new year, new face

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post to know more about Centro American Dishes and drinks. At the end of the holiday, at the rhythm of tamales and a king’s cake (*) in advance, I had time to see very cool friends. I am referring to the Blogos, with whom

Merkaweb, an attractive hosting service

In these days, almost everyone has a blog, website or even an online store. Having it free is one of the first alternative, but there comes a time you want to have better conditions, a domain and greater control of the stored content. There are also many choices of lodging, this time I would like