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News from the Supergeo world

Public Works and Agriculture Dept., Fujairah Improves Sustainability of Infrastructure with SuperGIS Solutions Public works is the fundamental and first step towards a country’s economic development. Fujairah Public Works and Agriculture department plans to extend the life and durability of the infrastructures using GIS technologies and further achieve a balance with regard to environmental protection

Map API and Cloud GIS Services in Taiwan

Supergeo has helped the Information Center, Ministry of The Interior to develop the TGOS portal which performs TGOS MAP API and Network Service for seamless data fusion and route planning and helps users build the analytical approaches to applications like disaster prevention and land use planning.   Cloud computing, the prevailing and rapidly emerging technology,

Two interesting news from Supergeo

1.  Supergeo to Provide DGPS Post-processing Tool for Precise Field Data Collection Supergeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, announced that DGPS post-processing tool will be introduced to assist SuperPad users in post-processing the collected field data using SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a to improve data accuracy. SuperPad 3, a full-function mobile