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How Mapserver works

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Last time we talk about some criteria of why MapServer and its basic installation. Now let’s look at some of its performance in a mapping exercise from the Chiapas buddies (*). Where it is mounted Once installed Apache, the default publishing directory for

Aulasca, many free GIS resources

The virtual classroom of the Cartographic Institute of Andalusia is a platform mounted on Moodle, with which you can take distance learning courses. Apart from the many information services available from the Department of Housing and Ordinance Landing, I have heard of teaching materials in the geospatial theme recently made available. The hosting platform is

…What a month…

…It has arrived gvSIG stable 1.9 …We are about to start mounting the IDE on mapserver … Hit State, restitution, another coup, elections, nobody knows already what will happen … My brother is going to get married and the motorcyclist star too …Version 3.0 of is almost ready But this month, working by day,

Portable GIS, all from a USB

It has been released the 2.0 version of portable GIS, a simply wonderful application that can run the necessary programs for spatial information management using both desktop and web interfaces; through different devices like external drives, USB memory sticks or even digital cameras. What’s its weight? The installer file weighs 467 MB, but it takes

… Where are you, my friend? …

There are no many answers: Travelling. We chose almost everything what we do, although I think many things aren’t more complicated because of lack of time. It’s gratifying to see how municipalities can achieve interesting results with effort and a small push in managing the territory. And we have the same feeling when we see

egeomates on the fly, January 2009

Gentlemen, these days are with too much work and very few time to complete all tasks (Spanish Idiom: “estos dias son de correr” ), between the end of the operational plan for this year, pay off last year balances and socialize with mayors the scope of what it implies to set up cadastral values in

gvSIG will be presented at Latinoware 2008

From October 30 to November 1 will be performing the LatinoWare 2008 event at Itaupú Technology Park in Brazil where the V Latin American Free Software Conference will take place. The event is expected for more than 2 million people, including students, professionals and specialists. And among the aspects that have caught our attention is

gvSIG sẽ được trình bày tại Latinoware 2008

Từ 30 tháng mười-1 tháng 11 sẽ được thực hiện sự kiện 2008 LatinoWare tại Itaupú Công nghệ Park ở Brazil, nơi V Mỹ miễn phí phần mềm Hội nghị La-tinh sẽ diễn ra. Sự kiện này dự kiến ​​hơn 2 triệu người, bao gồm cả sinh viên, các chuyên gia và các chuyên gia.