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Google Earth improves the way to notice its upgrade

Every two months or so Google Earth has been updating its images, but the way of notifying has been only mentioning the country, the nearest city, and even a couple of times it said the upgrade in this regard: Look, we have updated images, but truly we don’t really remember where, so review on their

KML Manager, too much for 12 Euros

Small solutions always caught my attention; I think that if they don’t exceed $ 50 and solve what a great program doesn’t, they should be lucky. Today I want to show you KML Manager, a tool that just goes by 12.95 euros, it weighs less than 1 MB but let’s see what is within this

Touche Google Maps Extractor

A few years ago Google began mapping business; in that project Google was even paying $ 10 for every business to be georeferenced. Now they have a base that can be deployed both in Google Maps and Google Earth. Now imagine that there is an application that, with only giving a location and a radio

Display a georeferenced image in Google Earth

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Let’s suppose I want to show in a georeferenced way an image available on a website. I had already spoken of this before, but in this case I would like to project a map that is not on my hard drive but online.

Where to find maps in vector format

Find maps in vector format of a given country could be the urgency of many. Reading Gabriel Ortiz forum I found this link which is interesting because it not only provides maps in .shp format but in kml, grid and mdb. It’s gData, a service promoted by the International Rice Research Institute, is free and

Earthquakes in Google Earth

A few days ago I spoke of the tectonic plates that USGS has prepared for display in a simple kml file of 107 k, and with this we must be acknowledged that Google Earth has changed our lives for what it’s possible seeing with the simple intuition of those who are not experts in the

How to place a video on Google Earth

I get a question where someone wants to upload a video to Google Earth, I understand you are looking for show routes and attach a video. Let’s see something you can do and that could apply our Mexican friends, is very similar to placing a photo. Embedding a Youtube video Assuming that I want to

Hazards of my ArcGIS course

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Before telling them he was going to develop training in the use of ArcGIS 9.3, with a half enormous mode for the distance, my short time and students’ occupations. Now I leave some conclusions: About the methodology: If only everything were so simple.

How to upload a kml to Google Maps

Several days ago a friend sent me a question regarding on uploading maps that can be deployed in Google Maps without being putting with the API here I dedicate a while to do so. 1. Create a kml A kml can be created almost any mapping program, it can be ArcGIS, Manifold, Bentley Map, GvSIG

Converting shp to kml… and an all-out smoke

Fdo2Fdo is an interesting application that serves not only to convert shape format files to kml’s as it’s announced in this post in a poorly way. For now, it becomes an alternative after shp2kml’s death which, according to its creator’s rules, has apparently expired Seeing its capabilities it turns in a great surprise considering that

Digital terrain model in Google Earth

Valery Hronusov is the kml2kml application creator; it is interesting that today has published a note in which Google recommends it, strange but not so, knowing what makes this application that only weighs 1 MB. Some time ago I talked about how to do something like this with AutoCAD, and also with ContouringGE. Let’s see

egeomates on the fly, January 2009

Gentlemen, these days are with too much work and very few time to complete all tasks (Spanish Idiom: “estos dias son de correr” ), between the end of the operational plan for this year, pay off last year balances and socialize with mayors the scope of what it implies to set up cadastral values in

GvSIG 2, first impressions

In the course we decided to try the new GvSIG version, which although is not yet declared stable, it can be downloaded different builds to see what happens. I downloaded the 1214, and even I hoped to prove the functionality of point and line symbols as xurxo told me, apparently I have to try the