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Hazards of egeomate’s translation

My esteemed friends, I’ve got to find a person who is doing the Geofumadas’ translation to the space that has now been defined as egeomate, this is the English version of this space. I received and I continue receiving interesting proposals, from heaven to hell in prices though the decision has been taken not only

Geofumadas on the fly

My life and my travels, it’s difficult to understand the difference between them.  In what I feel it’s a depressing Internet connection from a ciber – cafe, here there are, some readings on the fly for a healthy intake before leaving and starting to celebrate Father’s Day with my children. Google Earth Street’s view of

Blogs and more blogs

This month PC Magazine’s content comes suitably “reloaded” just as my ways. Apart from being Nadia Molina’s apparently last farewell, it focuses much on Blogs’ thematic offering us advice and beliefs of what has become an interesting web phenomenon. It outcomes too much convincing the analysis between the differences on what is traditionally known as

A depressive day in Geofumadas’ life

A few days ago, a technician asked me how I can get angry and loud laugh at the same time.  I think these are distinctiveness of everyone’s personality, in my case I can’t feel angry for more than two days long and very often I don’t get out my rage but keep it (which is

Geofumadas is searching an Spanish – English translator

There has been a long time ago I’ve been considering it and finally I decided to create Geofumadas’ English version, so I’m seeking  for a translator to pass all my posts from Spanish to English. I would prefer someone who speaks native english, with its accent or at least someone with better skills than my

Directions Magazine now in Spanish

With great pleasure we received the news that Directions Magazine has launched on February 2 its Spanish-language version. This undoubtedly represents an important step and recognition to the degree of growth that has taken the geospatial field in the Hispanic readers’ world. Some of the contents are translations of English/French version but also offer

egeomate, new year, new face

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post to know more about Centro American Dishes and drinks. At the end of the holiday, at the rhythm of tamales and a king’s cake (*) in advance, I had time to see very cool friends. I am referring to the Blogos, with whom