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Contours with Manifold GIS

Testing what Manifold GIS makes with digital models; I find that the toy does more than what we have seen for simple spatial management. I’ll use an example the model we created in the exercise of streets with Civil 3D. Import a digital model In this, Manifold is strongly powerful, it can imports the common

Comparative of topography GIS software

Wouldn’t anyone like to have a table that compares different types of GIS software with topography’s features in order to make a decision on purchase? Well, such a thing exists at Point of Beginning, and it includes not only popular use software such as Autodesk, ESRI, MapInfo or Intergraph but also equipment manufacturers like Topcon,

Arivte, a good tool for Civil engineers is a community with much traffic that comes from Peru but its content has general interest in different civil engineering areas. It’s a little complicated to access issues, because of its hierarchical format with forum and subforums which affects in content’s dispersion; but once registered and when the thread is found, the goal is

Downloading AutoCAD 2010

A few days ago I spoke of Autodesk’s educational versions, in this case will see trial versions, which can be downloaded for testing purposes. These have all features of commercial versions, but can only be used for 30 days from the date of installation. According to the Autodesk website, only applies to customers living in

6 minutes of trust for ConstrucGeek

I recommend taking a moment to learn about this blog, which is now coming to a year of operation. I am referring to ConstrucGeek, the six minutes you’re expecting to devote reading a new egeomate you should invest in this blog. There are only two possibilities: that you realize CAD issues associated with engineering isn’t

Civil 3D, create an alignment (Lesson 3)

In the previous two lessons we saw how to import and customize points. Now we want to do an alignment from the points marked as stations. Create the polyline To do this, we use the polyline command and at the same time using the snap command to nodes. We go from the initial to the

Civil 3D, road design, Lesson 2

In the previous post we saw how to import points, now we’ll see how to filter them to get a better sense of what we have. The points that we have, have the following attributes: FENCE, SLIDING, GAP Then the rest is nothing, so we assume that it is a natural terrain and there is

Civil 3D, road’s design, lesson 1

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I get a request from a friend in the land of the ‘patepluma’ (*) who is working on a road, apparently he has Land Desktop so we’ll go a little different because what I have is Civil 3D 2008, but who cares. Just

Engineering projects with AutoCAD Civil 3D

It’s one of the most complete Spanish resources I’ve seen on Civil 3D; I’ve realized this through the Cartesia Forum and I think that, with AUGI’s resources as a complement, is almost enough to learn Civil 3D. It has been promoted by ApliCAD, who built the entire document with the contribution of Neus Ros (Geodesy