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A name used for the skills of the topographic jobs

Civil 3D, create an alignment (Lesson 3)

In the previous two lessons we saw how to import and customize points. Now we want to do an alignment from the points marked as stations. Create the polyline To do this, we use the polyline command and at the same time using the snap command to nodes. We go from the initial to the

Civil 3D, road design, Lesson 2

In the previous post we saw how to import points, now we’ll see how to filter them to get a better sense of what we have. The points that we have, have the following attributes: FENCE, SLIDING, GAP Then the rest is nothing, so we assume that it is a natural terrain and there is

Civil 3D, road’s design, lesson 1

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I get a request from a friend in the land of the ‘patepluma’ (*) who is working on a road, apparently he has Land Desktop so we’ll go a little different because what I have is Civil 3D 2008, but who cares. Just

Engineering projects with AutoCAD Civil 3D

It’s one of the most complete Spanish resources I’ve seen on Civil 3D; I’ve realized this through the Cartesia Forum and I think that, with AUGI’s resources as a complement, is almost enough to learn Civil 3D. It has been promoted by ApliCAD, who built the entire document with the contribution of Neus Ros (Geodesy

Civil 3D topographic data

This Wednesday, April 15, 2009 will be a new Civil3D web cast on the management of topographic data among which includes data downloading, surfaces’ generation and cross sections. To do this you need to sign in, have a respectable connection, and meet between 12 and 13. Import, design and exportation of topographic data with AutoCAD

Geomatics, further developments

  Apart from the published magazine few days ago by Geoinformatics, there are some other issues, published this month in its portal, that worth sharing. Although some of these ads look like (Spanish idiom:‘tienen pinta’) being sponsored; they contribute a bit to the progress that technology is having now and sets the standard towards what

Geoinformatics March, continues the Open GIS

It has already left Geoinformatics’ this month edition, showing in its cover a Digital Globe satellite image of the South of Iran as a threshold for presenting the German company GeoServe’s services.  Continuity is mostly given to items previously written and we are pleased that the trend, at least for this year, for displaying open

The great of Geo advertising

Extracting from Geoinformatics’ March version, here is a brief summary of the corporate image from the biggest business companies which leads the magazine.  Most of them are well worked announcements. Leica I believe in innovation Trimble Connecting to a world of possibilities Sokkia Accuracy makes the difference Magellan ProMark 500 + ProFlex 500 Maximum flexibility

From Excel to AutoCAD, more easier than ever

We had already discussed this before, more over, we had done a summary of the best, but I couldn’t avoid the temptation to speak about one simplest version a Cartesia’s Forum user had uploaded precisely today. It’s a simple Excel spreadsheet with columns for entering data, dot’s name and xyz coordinates, perfect for points’ management.

Bentley Cadastre

Bentley Cadastre is a special application built on Bentley Map from the XM V8.9 version and as its name implies, it is for this task, the Cadastre. Bentley Map is required for its operation, and it is equivalent to a controlled cadastral maintenance module. Priority focus of this application is the topology integration, a property

Geo5 Software for soil mechanics

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Few structures programs have impressed me in recent years, since I used STAAD, and I mean the original version before Bentley bought it. On this occasion it has struck me one ads of Google AdSense on MundoGeek blog, although I am very surly

Topography, just images

This is the name given to a Facebook group in which its members are dedicated to send a lot of photographs and posters where appears or equipment or technical surveying. They have requested me authorization to use the photo where emerge girls trying to place a tripod; this is how I realized that there was