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Street View is getting right positioned in Europe

Just a couple of days after Google launched four cities in Spain with a view at street level, have been released four cities in Italy that this shows a trend in Europe suggesting that the following could be Germany or England. Italian cities that are included are Rome, Milan, Florence and Lake Como

Just a couple of days after that Google launched in Spain four cities with street views, it has been released four cities of Italy that with this shows a trend in Europe suggesting that the following place could be Germany or England. The cities of Italy that have been included are Rome, Milan, Florence and Lago di Como.


It is clear that Google is geared towards areas with greater access to the Internet however it must be rescued the fact that Spain was the second chosen country in Europe has been a valuable sample toward Spanish-speaking community. One of the interesting aspects in the Spain’s launch was the advertising campaign and strategic alliances with companies that were implementing applications that were ready for release.

Panoramio was previously an example of Spanish-innovation, now it is expected that with Google Street View the ‘small business’ will be integrated to the business model in which users pay when georeference business. For Media is was sent to us the ad in pdf format, while in a page stored in Google Sites is maintained the information available, among the most highlight clip_image002of the communication strategy is:

The general promotion of mobile

“Take the Google Maps technology in your pocket. With Street View on Google Maps for Mobile, you’ll never get lost again.

Not always you need to find a direction you’re facing the computer. Therefore, we’ve added Street View function to Google Maps for mobile.

This promotion is focused on the recent innovation of Google Earth’s capabilities for use on mobile devices.

The promotion to end users

Google Maps Street View
10 tips for particular users’ use

LaNetro leisure guide will be one of the pioneers in using the Street View service to help users plan their free time and is already working on the project implementation. “We hope to further enrich our offerings and leisure services with the implementation of Google’s Street View,” said Juan Vallejo, General Director of lanetro.com. “With the advantages of showing the street’s image of any local street or road, any user can visibly improve its experience on our site.”

clip_image003The promotion towards development on API

The companies involved in the launch are being promoted for its initiative to have identified different uses of the product in the tourism, housing and education sectors, enabling, for example, to easily find businesses and local places of smaller size.

fotocasa.es is the first real estate portal in Spain in incorporate Google Street View service to its list of properties. “With Google Street View, our users will see the streets and even neighborhoods wherever are placed houses of their interest, an information that will facilitate the decision of purchase or rental”, says Monica Espina, Director of the real estate portal: Mónica Espina.

Alongside this campaign, it is launch a promotional newsletter with the item

Google Maps Street View
10 tips for companies and organizations use

Good time for our Hispanic environment, we’ll see what follows; if you want to see examples of Street View Italy I recommend this blog that is one of my favorite.

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