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SPOT integrated in Google Earth

clip_image002What it had.

By now, Google Earth maintained SPOT images only as a way of catalog, viewed when clicking on the “other, Spot Image” option.

This enables a grid of the existing different shots and when seeing the properties of the ball we can see conditions and characteristics of the data.


The bad

This was just a catalog; it could not be shown on the globe, what remained was to select the image type, coverage and payment. After having the image could not be loaded from Google Earth in a geo-referenced way.

The good

However it has already been announced that it exists the availability of the last 3 years SPOT images service from Google Earth “ready for Google Earth”. The example shows the fires in California.


With this service, the images are served by a kml that address the “ready for Google Earth” coverage or in DIMAP GeoTIFF format

The images will be available between 6 and 8 hours after capture, which allows you can see a satellite image of the previous day, it can also be requested for download via FTP or copy on DVD.

The ugly

Only for Google Earth Enterprise users, as we know, the different licenses of this tool are:

Free Google Earth, Google Earth Plus ($20 annual), Google Earth Pro ($400) and Google Earth Enterprise Client… for which not many people have interest in knowing the price but in this post we talked about various functionalities that can be achieved by version.

What’s next

While it is not a step that emotion to all of us, it is an interesting step to what we have long been waiting for: A functionality whereby can be created an image georeference towards Google Earth to create from the outside; it’s clear that it would be better that Google will implement the ability to read the standards that already have existing formats (ecw, tiff, jpg2000, img and others) as are done by other GIS applications

We also expect this to happen from next year with GeoEye, and there we would have much interest.


  1. vidal

    Las imagenes de google earth gratuito por ejemplo de gran parte de la parte occidental de la altiplanicie de bolivia especialmente en el departamento de Potosi no son buenas, solo son imagenes Spot que no se distingue casi nada son iguales a las imagenes LandSat o sea de 30 metros de resolucion y no son en nada útiles, no se si podria obtener informacion de si en en Google Earth de Pago estas imagenes son mejores, pero no existe mucha informacion de donde se puede saber si es así, y cuanto puede llegar a costar para poder ver si se puede adquirir la de pago, les agradeceria una informacion al respecto

    • eg!

      Las imágenes de google Earth pagado son las mismas que la versión gratuita.

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