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Some useful plug-ins for Live Writter

Live Writter is the application I use to post in this blog, according to somebody; it’s one of the few good products from Microsoft.

Some time ago I talked about Live Writter with the Add-ons it had at that time; clip_image001now it has gone more and I like some of the features but I don’t use all of them; let’s see some for which there are plug-in:

Word counter

Select the text, and it shows you the total of words, characters and paragraphs. It’s useful for writing sponsored post, where it is necessary to write more than a minimum of words.

clip_image002 Inserting emoticons

It displays a panel where you can choose funny graphics.

Inserting table

It creates a table with better customization, such as border color, background image, etc.

clip_image003Creates backup

This application called LiveBlogTransfer creates a backup of a blog, in an Access database; it also allows you to send posts from a blog to another

Inserting screenshot

Using Snagit you can import images from screen captures

Insert link to Wikipedia

With this feature, you can create links to Wikipedia in a practical way, choosing the language

Creating a website’s image

This allows you to create an image of a website, choosing the size

Creating bullets

clip_image004With this plug-in you can create:

clip_image004[1]Bullets for listings,

clip_image004[2]It brings some included

clip_image004[3]And you can create new ones.

In the Live Gallery you can see the full list of add-ins.

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