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SodelsCot, the better to convert text to audio

I use it for a long time, and although I tested with others, this is one of the most practical and economical I’ve seen for the purpose of reading a lot without eyestrain.

Text to audio

When you have a long text to be read this solution is just great. It’s only required to select the text, make Ctrl + C and the program begins to speak the full content with voice and language you have chosen. If you want to stop it while making corrections or annotations, it marks the text while speaks and some pause or continue keys let control it (Ctrl +1 and Ctrl +2). There are also other keys to move forward or back a certain amount of words.

It is very good also for knowing how you are writing, because it helps to improve the punctuation by simple intuition. It does not replace the grammar and writing classes that are necessary in this life, but the same voice of the Spaniard falls to the ground when a paragraph is too long and becomes annoying if you abuse of short paragraphs interspersed by commas. The same situation occurs when bad spellings with misplaced words are not detected by the Word’s corrector because they are valid in the Software.


It can also be read as you type, usually at the end of the paragraph.

Text to AVI

It is possible to convert a text file to an .avi file or mp3 at a single stroke, it only requires searching for the file and the program transforms it. It takes its time, but it is practical to read large files while you are driving; for example, you download “the mystery of capital”, covert to avi, save to a CD and so you’re listening it in this long journey of 5 hours instead of spending that album of Camilo Sesto that can even be streak and left you little culture after the fourth time.

The most recent version can read the following file formats:

  • txt
  • doc
  • docx
  • xls
  • pdf
  • rtf
  • xls
  • wps
  • among others

Among the improvements in version 3.7 there is a text editor, which is fine for purposes of converting a text in avi, because it is likely to be doing some basic jobs such as search and replacement or start control and pause well than the previous version.

Also from the previous version supports the words creation from another language, so that you’ll pronounce them well, for this the word written and pronounce as it is heard. It supports Loquendo technology, with voices in about 20 different languages.

Download SodelsCot

The utilities can be many, from reading in Spanish, learn to write, exercise the correct pronunciation in English, create audio from texts etc.

It is possible to download a trial version for 7 days; I remember the previous version left deceive by changing the system date at the time of installing. Now probably requires more tricks with the registry editing but actually I don’t see sense in pirating a very useful software that barely costs 30 euro.

In short, it is a good way to invest 30 accumulated bills in Paypal. I recommend it!!!!

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