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Screen Castle, Screensaver online


There are no many choices like these that allow store in video what you do with the monitor but, with the application working online. Until now Camtasia had been an irreplaceable option, although there are other but with the constraint of saving the video locally.

It looks very handy for video tutorials and for providing online assistance, save your video, communicate the link, or simply put the html code instead of explaining:

You click on the button… then you go and you play down…

The website is called Screen Castle, is a development on Java, so it should run on any operating system. And although it is there a Java VM installed, the execution is in line with a simple click on the orange button.


Allows you to set the screen’s size you want to capture, in case you want to be limited to a maximum width allowed in a blog, for example 450 × 300 pixels.


It also allows to have a preview or to drag manually the screen and as an addition, you can also save audio. Once you are ready press the button to open the recorder.


After the capture began, there is a button to pause the recording, and you can also drag the window to another area of the screen.


When the recording is in state paused or completed, it is available an icon to upload the video, which is stored in the ScreenCastle’s web. When the uploading is finished, there are enough choices for having dared to recommend this site:

  • Watch the video directly
  • View the HTML code to embed it in a web
  • Go to the direct file to download it
  • BB code to place it in a forum
  • etc.…


You have to take a look, I think the service is worth it and for those who want more, there is also an API and can be mounted on a wiki … it would not hurt anybody to follow it on Twitter.

For now there is no limit on file, and apparently the videos are not removed even in the FAQ is explained that possibly when time is over it could be clear and could set a limit to the size of the video.

Via: Microsiervos

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