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Released version for Manifold GIS

clip_image002[1]It has been announced this Manifold’s version; from 8.0 release it has been 117 changes, most have been oriented to improve the speed in data management. We must recognize that they have heard most bugs that have been reported for those of us who in an impertinent way have invested for this application, so I take advantage now to mention what I think are valuable:

In Building Data

  • clip_image004The GPS data reading console has become more tolerant, so to wait for receivers that work slowly like some UMPCs
  • Dwg data importing no longer duplicates data, it sometimes happened
  • Geocoding works best when there’s missing data
  • Better management of splines imported from dgn files, which once brought snap problems

clip_image006 3D Handling

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes ignored the setting description of contour components or basins
  • Fixed errors in the dxf import with 3D data, in which for some strange reason sometimes appeared on the Z values crazy results

Image’s Management

  • clip_image008Fixed the problem that when exporting images to .ecw format appeared a header error when it was read by other programs. So now it can be connected to Google/Virtual Earth and export to .ecw and go with georeferencing without problems.
  • It significantly improved the importing speed of surfaces or images in ERDAS, IMG’s format
  • It has been removed a bug that was sometimes caused when you export images using Oracle 11g using GEORASTER technology


  • The importing of .shp files recognizes the existing projection in an ArcView job (.prj), including recognition of “single-parallel” variant from “Lambert Conformal Conic” projection. It can also be exported to a .prj
  • When you import the prj file’s projection, it fits the scale and units that are in use

In database integration

  • clip_image012The reading and writing of geographic values in SQL Server 2008 uses XY order according to the SQL Server 2008 latest version changes.
  • When connecting to PostGre SQL data sources, it forces UTF8 encoding as possible to avoid the English unused characters’ misunderstanding as the ñ and accents.
  • The metadata writing to Oracle 9i no longer fails
  • It doesn’t longer failure data editing to a SQL Server 2008 linked database.
  • clip_image014Linked PostGreSQL Components of the same datasource share the same data connection.
  • It’s fixed an occasional error occurred when connecting to Oracle it becomes crazy while detecting spatial indexing.
  • The built-in Virtual Earth geocoding server is updated to use new URLs
  • When you export or import data to and from an excel file or any other data source accessed via OLE DB it does not put a lock on the file

clip_image016In interface management

  • The customization of bars and menus are kept in different sessions of Manifold
  • When closing a project, saving the changes is not intended to refresh the linked components, so the closing is faster.

We will continue pending to see what more will bring us new year’s Eve.

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