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Promoting initiatives: DielmoOpenLiDAR

images A few days ago I talked about the efforts on LIDAR data management, so today I pass a formal statement that has published DIELMO 3D S.L.

DielmoOpenLiDAR: Free new software for the management of LIDAR data

For more than 5 years DIELMO 3D S.L. has been working on developing software for processing LIDAR data, using it internally for the production of Digital Terrain Models (DTM) on numerous projects, achieving greater quality and precision in the final products offered than the currently available commercial software on the market.

Until recently, our intention was the redesign our software for LiDAR processing data from the outset in order to become a commercial software aimed to data providers, however, with the help of the CIT we have decided to take the initiative to develop a new free software for LiDAR data processing end-user oriented, in comparison to more traditional line focused on commercial software.

Finally, with the help of the Department of Infrastructure and Transport of the Generalitat Valenciana (CIT) we have decided to take the initiative to create DielmoOpenLiDAR (more information and downloads at http://www.dielmo.com/dielmoopenlidar.php).

DielmoOpenLiDAR is free software with GNU GPL license based on gvSIG for LiDAR data handling. So far we have developed a Driver for LiDAR data access in gvSIG. This driver is the basis for the data handling in different standard formats so that to enable gvSIG with the basic tools that allow developers to work with LIDAR data in the most transparent and simple manner. On the other hand, it also allows gvSIG users open original LiDAR data (LAS and BIN), visualize them overlapped to any other geographical information, consult the original values of each point and edit them.

Once established the basis for LiDAR data-related developments in gvSIG, the next phase will be to develop all the tools needed to make a complete LiDAR data processing with gvSIG. On one hand we will implement gvSIG with automatic calculation algorithms and secondly apply manual editing for allowing quality control results. From commodities we managed to produce in the second phase of the project, the third stage consists on develop intelligent tools for the creation of new value-added end products.

With the development of this free software for LiDAR data management, DIELMO 3D aims to bring the use of LiDAR technology for standard GIS users and the scientific community, in order to extend its use. In addition, the current trend is that more and more LiDAR data become available covering large expanses of territory and in a few years all this information will be free for anyone to access it. For example, there are currently LIDAR data available throughout the Basque Country and are available through the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the Mapping Service of the Department of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Basque Government.

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