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Problem 4: Acer Aspire One, does not send the Datashow

In the case of the Acer Aspire computers, the combination used to send to a projector the screen view to an external monitor is combination Fn + F5. It might not respond, and when you have 200 people in front, it is a big problem.

Let’s see how to solve it.

If everything is in order

One of the main reasons is that only keys are pressed, much like you would do with any other laptop and we have the impression that nothing happens. Or there are being used other keys, sometimes F5. You must press the blue Fn key, then F5, but not releasing the function key until the fly out menu appears; this will let you choose what you want to send:


    • The first icon means you don’t send anything, so when releasing the Fn key it does nothing.
    • The second send to a second monitor, leaving the view also in the laptop. The disadvantage of this option is that you can not have higher resolution than the supported by the laptop.
    • The third sends only the external monitor. This is ideal if you have an external monitor and you want to have higher resolutions not supported by the laptop.
    • The fourth send only to a projector, in an 800 × 600 resolution

If something has been misconfigured.

clip_image002Sometimes happens that a naughty has broken something, usually opening the msconfig trying to improve boot speed.

For this, we do:

Start> Run> msconfig> OK


Here we go to the Startup tab, and check the QtZgAcer option. We activate it, and then select OK; the system will require a restart.

Once the machine is restarted then it should not be the problem again.

When we change this, we get a message that reminds us we’ve played the boot configuration. We must activate the option to not remember it again.

Other strange causes will have to be with if the projector is not connected to the appropriate port (some bring two) or if it is half outdated and requires reboot to recognize the machine.

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