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Preparing for my trip to Houston

Yesterday was another such invitations filled with great satisfaction when mentioned are paid expenses for travel and stay. So I’m… happy although life not always smiles, a Google Earth, Google Search and AdSense give good times to a fuckin blog as Geofumadas.

I will be by Houston in the week of 6 to 14 June to receive training on engineering techniques applied to the construction… as the American-style does.

clip_image001In the United States and Canada the use of wood for construction purposes is very different from what happens in tropical countries where the reinforced concrete for structures prevails and for filling spaces is used the concrete block, clay brick and cement mortar. In part because the existence of these materials in these areas is abundant and because manual labor is not expensive when compared to the U.S.; this has led to industrialize the wood and metal to the point where labor is reduced to the simple assembly of prefabricated parts with a high level of ecological protection.

Snavely Forest is one of those examples; this company exceeds the century-old and viewing products it can be seen that products go far beyond simple doors and moldings. Among its engineering products there are open soul beams, I beams, columns and various wooden structures combined with steel.

Thus it is feasible to handle clears up to 20 meters of light with treated wood against moth, chemical and even fire. Of course, it must ensure them because tornadoes make them porridge in a snap, so it must be done again.


It is interesting that, a house with two floors and 14 rooms with the foundation slab well prepared by a good surveyor and in accordance to the design, can be built first, in just 6 days the frame and in 10 days, totally ready for occupancy. Only trained with 6 people … just sounds incredible and this is one of the maneuvers that I expect to see there.

For the Simpsons’ products, inclusively there are menus that can be loaded to the AutoCAD bar to work its templates products while TrimJoist keeps available their catalogs with files in dxf format to download.


Here I leave a links of interest within the subject I must get to know before travel for not going to fool around (Spanish Idiom: “papear”, loose time because you don’t know anything).







For now, buy a cheap flight and process a visa for my kid whose at his 10 years deserves a round there.

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