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PowerCivil for Latin America, first impression

I have already installed this toy, of which I spoke yesterday; I am referring to V8i version.

As input raises a panel where are concentrated all features. At the bottom there are the following tabs:

  • Surfaces
  • Geometry
  • Preferences
  • Drainage
  • Topography
  • Templates
  • Corridors
  • Work modelators

Each one has a shortcut menu in the left pane as the one I am showing in the image and the right pane has a deployment of the selected object.


Thus, the example shows that I’m on the tab surface, with my selection on an area called Original, and at the right there are displayed things like number of points, triangles, breaklines, etc.

In the top menu command’s function appear like in the example shown for Drains, where it’s shown display options, data creation, editing, calculation, etc.

In general, compared with Geopak’s dispersion and InRoads’ flavors, it seems very good, so it needs to be tested if everything is there.

I tried to assimilate the AutoDesk Civil 3D logic, and is very different in terms of menus.

clip_image003At that, the Prospector and Settings tabs separate templates handling.

The rest is quite similar, and what both programs do seem to be almost the same. I think it’s a big advantage that in Civil 3D panel can be hung on the ends, while the PowerCivil’s is floating, although both can be adjusted in size.

When playing we’ll see how to do with PowerCivil the contour lines and alignments’ exercises that had been developed a few days ago.

Solving the problem of libraries

As input it aroused a half- estrange error:

Error loading the LOCALE resources library, gpkSiteString.drx


This is easily solved in the path:

C: Program Files Bentley PowerCivil InRoadsGroup bin it must be at least the folders 1033 and 3082, if either one of them does not exist, it is created and copied all files to this folder.

With this it is resolved, in my case it came from a folder named 1034, I could have renamed it but I preferred to go by.


These are the drx that are assigned to run on compiled tools for a runtime version. For PowerCivil, this is so, because it runs like a custom InRoads, built on the MicroStation VBA.

clip_image005In conclusion, I think it’s a good customization and concentration of InRoads and Geopak features. But if it works in the logical form of development projects, we’ll see it later.

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