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Pict.com to store images

There are several ways to store images, free and paid. Many of these practical for those who share data, write in forums or blogs and do not want to kill their hosting.

Pict.com is a solution, that at the startup does not seem to offer much by seem a blank screen, but when seeing their service work may surprise you by its simplicity.

Pict.com : Simple

For being its main reason a picture hosting it is just a screen with clean tables ready to upload images is what is seen in Pict.com panel


Clicking on one of the panels, it open Windows Explorer to select the file, supporting gif, jpg and png. Then upload the files and can be previewed.

When you select the stored files, it has a button to delete and one to see the data link:

Description: Here you can assign a textual description and words as labels

Data link: You can select options from original size, medium, small and large. Then in the bottom pane you see the url needed for:

  • Link with Friends
  • Link in forums
  • Link in blogs with conventional html
  • The direct link

Each of them has the option to copy the link. It seems practical to me the photo hosting for emerging purposes such as when you want to upload a picture in Gabriel Ortiz forum, without complicating the search for where to store it but just place the code.


Pict.com: Practical

Pict has just three buttons to do:

  • The option to email a link
  • A second button to clear the screen
  • A third button to import an image from a url


Pict.com: What’s lacking:

Once uploaded the data, and cleaned the panel … there is no search engine or access to stored images.

Images can not exceed 3 MB

There are no guarantees of service, although free, we would not like that one day in the post we upload, appears a message that the image has been erased from the hosting

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