The best of the gvSIG’s 4th Journeys…

Many people agree that the best achieved in this recent days’ journeys was the allusive event’s magazine, which represents a great job, not only for the regarding content but for its fancy graphic design.  For those who received the printed format, certainly it represents an invaluable one-piece collection, just the same as those Obelix’s comics […]

Comparison between CAD software

As there is a comparison between computer geographic information systems (GIS) solutions, also on the Wikipedia there is a table for the CAD tools aimed at what we know as AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) There are usually outdated University teachers who tell students that setting Wikipedia as bibliography source is to lower our work’s level; but […]

Geofumadas on the fly

My life and my travels, it’s difficult to understand the difference between them.  In what I feel it’s a depressing Internet connection from a ciber – cafe, here there are, some readings on the fly for a healthy intake before leaving and starting to celebrate Father’s Day with my children. Google Earth Street’s view of […]

Geoinformatics March, continues the Open GIS

It has already left Geoinformatics’ this month edition, showing in its cover a Digital Globe satellite image of the South of Iran as a threshold for presenting the German company GeoServe’s services.  Continuity is mostly given to items previously written and we are pleased that the trend, at least for this year, for displaying open […]

The great of Geo advertising

Extracting from Geoinformatics’ March version, here is a brief summary of the corporate image from the biggest business companies which leads the magazine.  Most of them are well worked announcements. Leica I believe in innovation Trimble Connecting to a world of possibilities Sokkia Accuracy makes the difference Magellan ProMark 500 + ProFlex 500 Maximum flexibility […]

From Excel to AutoCAD, more easier than ever

We had already discussed this before, more over, we had done a summary of the best, but I couldn’t avoid the temptation to speak about one simplest version a Cartesia’s Forum user had uploaded precisely today. It’s a simple Excel spreadsheet with columns for entering data, dot’s name and xyz coordinates, perfect for points’ management. […]

Manifold GIS 9… faster

From March 16, we got a vaporware than Manifold has made a press release, which speaks about the upcoming precedence of its 9th version product.   According to what they have said, Manifold GIS 9 would be leaving the market in this 2009 first half, and Chris C has already pronounced about it. After two years, […]

Bentley Power Civil for Spain

Bentley Systems Spain has announced a podcast for the official release of what has been called Power Civil for Spain; a Civil Engineering solution’s area leaned for Spanish market. What Power Civil for Spain is Power Civil, contains GeoPack’s required tools and other associated applications that solves major routines for civilian infrastructure design and implementation […]

Facebook: your friends on a map

Use a map is an application built on the API Facebook and Google Earth which lets you view all the friends you have deployed on a map.  Once you enter the application you can send an invitation to every friend you select to join. Although the application means raw, it’s interesting to see our contacts […]

Blogs and more blogs

This month PC Magazine’s content comes suitably “reloaded” just as my ways. Apart from being Nadia Molina’s apparently last farewell, it focuses much on Blogs’ thematic offering us advice and beliefs of what has become an interesting web phenomenon. It outcomes too much convincing the analysis between the differences on what is traditionally known as […]

A depressive day in Geofumadas’ life

A few days ago, a technician asked me how I can get angry and loud laugh at the same time.  I think these are distinctiveness of everyone’s personality, in my case I can’t feel angry for more than two days long and very often I don’t get out my rage but keep it (which is […]

MicroStation V8i’s prerequisites

Bentley prerequisites is a cd where there´s the programs and updates which any Microstation V8i and verticals need to be upgraded before the instalation.  From here you can  Download the Microstation V8i Prerequisites. SelectCD I’ve just received MicroStation V8i new version, I’ll be very busy on it (a Spanish idiom: “tengo para rato”) because I’ve […]

Designing a Solar Plant with AutoCAD Civil 3D

It has been announced a webcast where we can learn about AutoCAD Civil 3D’s applications to solar plants.  This will be on March 26, 2009 at noon (12:00 or 13:00 hours, according to Madrid time, I guess). The webcast content includes: The creation of a digital terrain model (MDT). An MDT analysis using longitudinal and […]

Bentley changes the presenting form of its annual event

For several years Bentley Systems has made annual events which include the excellence award for innovation in technology implementations and, at the same time, give us conferences where we can know latest innovations, and seminars based on their customers or thematic experts experiences. In last years conferences carried out by Bentley Institute changed their presenting […]

How will your technology be in 50 years

As a question it’s simply dull, but as an assertion it would be senselessness.  However, this is the audaciousness of a book I have purchased today in the library. It has been written by a journalist named Mike Wallace whose intention does not lead us to an “oracle time” but invites to wonder about what […]

K-D tools, spring compressor

K-D Tools started from 1919, that’s quite some time, almost 90 years and it was precisely with the invention of a valve powerlifter for the Ford Model T that has continued with a wide line enough popularized that provides solutions on the line known as GearWrench ®. This mark is well-known in the mechanical engineering […]

Import shp map to Microstation

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post Consider the case: I have an ArcView layer containing the villages’ jurisdictions of a zone in shape format, and I wish to import it into Microstation Geographics. Let’s see how to do it: Importing vectors It is necessary for this to open a […]

How to place a map in a web

Suppose we want to put in a blog’s post or on a page a Google maps window, with a specific area and a mark in the center with details. Additionally, we would like to put it with a search engine on the bottom. The simplest way is opening the map on Google Maps, and choosing […]