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Open source for geospatial initiative

The free GIS book

It is perhaps one of the most valuable systematization products of Spanish -speaking environment under geospatial thematic. Not having this document at hand is a crime, as well as ignores this project before reading this Geomate’s article. It is likely that not in a publishing house will be found such a product in Hispanic environment,

36 themes of the Sixth Conference

From December 1 to 3 will be taking place in Valencia the sixth edition of the gvSIG Conference. This event is the best of continuous strategies that the Organization has pushed for the sustainability of software that continues amazing by its potential in the global market penetration. Little by little, free software has been taking

How Mapserver works

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Last time we talk about some criteria of why MapServer and its basic installation. Now let’s look at some of its performance in a mapping exercise from the Chiapas buddies (*). Where it is mounted Once installed Apache, the default publishing directory for

uDig, first impression

We’ve already taken a look at other open source tools in the GIS area, including Qgis and gvSIG, apart from non-free programs we’ve tested before. In this case we will do the same with User-Friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig), one of those who come in PortableGIS. The place where did it come from uDig is

gvSIG, what is going to be in the 5ths Workshops

It has already has been announced a preliminary version of what it could be in the fifth gvSIG workshops that will develop in the Events Centre of Valencia, from December 2 to 4, 2009. Much of the work presented is from Spain, although there are some experiences from Germany, Italy and there. It also calls

gvSIG: 21 CAD tools

A common weakness in specialty GIS programs is its limitation to construct data with the ease that offers CAD-oriented tools. Gradually, the gap is narrowing, although it is questionable whether the GIS has had an improvement in their ability to build or CAD have implemented variants such as Bentley Geospatial Map and AutoCAD Map. gvSIG

GvSIG Courses in Valencia

From the first quarter of 2010, the Florida University Central Training courses will be offering gvSIG, which to date has been provided as an adjunct to the Interior tourism specialist diploma courses. This course has a lasting of 20 hours over two weeks, and is aimed at professionals, technicians and officials who wish to enter

Portable GIS, all from a USB

It has been released the 2.0 version of portable GIS, a simply wonderful application that can run the necessary programs for spatial information management using both desktop and web interfaces; through different devices like external drives, USB memory sticks or even digital cameras. What’s its weight? The installer file weighs 467 MB, but it takes

Generic web publishing tool for municipal mapping

This is a great work of Miguel Álvarez Úbeda, a final project to obtain Master of Science degree from La Coruña University. The objective of this project has been to propose a solution to the municipalities and communes, with which it can be done the storage, management and publication of cartographic information and others (not

gvSIG 1.9 RC1, ready to download

It is ready for download gvSIG 1.9 RC1, the first distribution of the candidate version (Release Candidate) from August’s Build 1243 of 313. The download took a while, because it was out of service initially, where builds are lowered, and then the available unzip and run version appeared as a corrupt file. But finally,

gvSIG: The hazards of this and other trades

The way free tools have matured is interesting, some years ago, talking about free GIS, sounded like UNIX, in a geek voice and with a level of distrust or fear of the unknown. All that has changed much with the diversity of solutions that have full-grown not only in the construction of routines commonly expected

Connect Manifold with Open Street Map

Some time ago I spoke that Manifold can connect to Google, Yahoo and Virtual Earth. It has now emerged the connector to link with Open Street Maps (OSM), which incidentally has been developed in C# by a forum user called Jkelly. The news appeared this week in the Manifold’s forum, where were both loaded the

Geomatics, further developments

  Apart from the published magazine few days ago by Geoinformatics, there are some other issues, published this month in its portal, that worth sharing. Although some of these ads look like (Spanish idiom:‘tienen pinta’) being sponsored; they contribute a bit to the progress that technology is having now and sets the standard towards what

gvSIG as an alternative for municipalities

This week I’ll have a meeting with project’s technicians which are considering gvSIG as an alternative to be implemented in municipalities where they’re running a territorial ordering project that comprises part of Central America. In Latin America we hear different experiences about gvSIG’s use; in this case I want to mention one of them occurred