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October’s egeomates month summary

It’s been a month with too much journeys, courses and holidays, here is a summary of 43 entries.

egeomate Free Geomatics

II Free Geomatics Meeting, Venezuela

What will be shown in the III free GIS Days

CAD/GIS among the priorities of the Free Software

Free GIS Software in the 2008 OSWC

gvSIG will be launch in LatinoWare 2008

It’s almost ready everything for the 4as gvSIG Days

Ready for the gvSIG Seminar


Bentley will introduce Microstation Athens

How to cut and merge images

Testing Bentley Map: Interoperability with ESRI

Importing from maps with .shp extension to Microstation

Bentley will offer Geo Seminars in Spain


What novelties could AutoCAD 2010 bring?

AutoCAD Map 3D is compatible with Linux

Tool kits for AutoCAD Map 3D 2009

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The best hotels on the Adriatic

Traveling to Cordoba

Casino.de, a place to play on line

Ikkaro, for knowing how to do things

Manifold, ArcGIS and other herbs

Videos for learning Manifold and ArcGIS

Manifold GIS version has been released

Connecting a MySQL database with Manifold GIS

How to activate a Manifold GIS license

Finally back from Manifold’s course

Google Earth and web mapping

Street View is getting right positioned in Europe

Spain, the second European country in having streets’ views

First satellite’s images captured with 0.41 mts’ size.

Umapper, for publishing maps in the web

Some from my free time

egeomates, 10 readings that I recommend

Everything is ready for the Spain’s Google Street View

egeomates, mi private life

Help for finding Ashley, again?

The most commented in egeomates

Briefs news from the day

The things that are getting me entertained


Testing the Sokkia SET520k

Comparatives for purchasing a topographic equipment

Various, recommendations and events

Statistical Yearbook from Latin America

Informatics 2009, February in La Habana

XII meeting of Latin American Geographers

October 15, The Blog Action Day

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