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November has gone, summary of the month

This month was less productive than before, when I had been on the 40 posts, in this case I was on the 28, because the trips have been complicated and the need to complete some unfinished issues.

clip_image002Free GIS Software

Although this topic is new on my blog, the experience I’m getting with training and implementation of gvSIG is leaving me a clear view on the feasibility of being able to spread in government institutions that have lived half of their lives pirating commercial software.

  • GvSIG 2, firsts impressions
  • Life after ArcView 3.3… GvSIG

clip_image004Proprietary Software

Few novelties had brought commercial tools, only the release of Microstation V8i from we have heard much noise but few users results. Even so I’m sure that this release will mark an outstanding milestone in Bentley’s technology that is apparently betting seriously with a redesign of this level.

  • BitCAD’s creativity
  • Toy for connecting AutoCAD with ArcGIS
  • Why is it called Microstation V8i

clip_image006Battling with Manifold GIS

What to say, this has been the half of my month, trying to write the final chapter of the Manifold GIS manual, trying with testing and error I have been battling with this tool maps publishing capabilities. Although learning was painful, I have to admit that even having low cost; it’s a good starting point so for the next month I will begin on MapServer.

  • A Manifold GIS course in 2 days
  • Dynamic Maps, for doing more with IMS Manifold
  • More problems with Manifold IMS
  • Publishing maps in Internet with Manifold GIS
  • Questions about IIS, IMS and Manifold GIS
  • Manifold IMS, doing something more

Google Earth and other virtual worlds

clip_image008Stands out the achievement of many battles of wanting to run ContouringGE, which had me dived after several attempts and partial concluded that did not work.

  • Google Street View arrives to Guadalajara
  • How to upload a kml to Google Maps
  • SPOT is now integrated to Google Earth
  • Virtual Earth updates Spain’s images
  • Google ContouringGE, it can be done with it!!


clip_image010Few, very few events who draw me attention.

  • Everything’s ready for Cloud Computing
  • Happy day my friends

Personal issues of my free time

clip_image012My daughter got graduated for the first time in her six years, it has been defined the CONCACAF and gave hexagonal entry, a friend wanting to win the Nokia…

  • Geosmokes, mi artistic side
  • Football, how the things got left in the Caribbean
  • The other half part of my life
  • Who doesn’t want to win a Nokia

Extra Smokes

In this I got satisfied on smoking the possibility that Google could be playing a bad joke by the drop in AdSense revenue, and I do not know if they heard me (what arrogance, he, he) but it seems that now everything is back to normal and slightly improves.

  • Google AdSense and the economic crisis
  • clip_image014egeomates, tips of the yellow fever
  • Gmail integrates Audio-Video-chat
  • K-D tools, spring compressor
  • MapJack, surpasses Google Street View
  • Interactive Maps

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