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Nothing spatial ArcGuments

The matter is that the first time I saw you, the impression I took was that the plot of your style was outside my reach; maybe because the first version I saw was very clip_image001clearly arranged to your style; so, since those days I got thinking that it was geopdf. Then, I mistook with the basic rgb of your labels, that’s why I had the courage to explore the map’s view and discover that, finally, you didn’t seem to be so complicated.

It was difficult to understand your behavior: while, by one side, you preferred to cut your veins with the archaic Advent; in the other side, you feigned to be migrating to Avenue and investing half the time in shape files that I enjoyed every weekend… no matter that in every extension we used, there was a file with the same tedious name and three letters after the dot… until we landed on the prg fragility.

It’s surely not, things are not always so complicated, but being honest with you, some of your topological criteria are now out of any human being. We have solved the problems in other ways before… but no… only in the geodatabase and this cliché telling us that “everything is enterprise” crushes me. Yes, I love your new feature classes, your domains; you look so pretty especially when you’re seeing me from one side, with that smile that scratches the longing… the one of that first week when we avoid the additional mrsid file. Then, it was when ecw vilely stole our idea, but I miss the simplicity of the highest levels of your mdt with default rendering but without extreme anti-aliasing.

No, I always miss you, what happens now is, that as you put a price via WMS to everything, it gets complicated; I wouldn’t expect from you nothing less than feature services and more than 1.03. It’s true; OGC standards don’t matter to me, even if I have to leave via ArcIms or break my head with ArcObjects and make a tunnel in ArcSDE; as long as you guarantee me to make it directly from Oracle 10g database.

We have solved many things here with the Javascript’s API; most of all when someone asked for them. If I have to take a decision, I would decide to flirt with the Open Source, probably with the BSD type, although it was not necessary; but I say that if it were you and the model includes reconstructing the original scenario at client level, I would be willing to migrate much of my days to simples dbfs, no matter if I have to limit records and to spend some time with the character’s table. Well, only in extremes, not for putting an accent to the word “baby”, because it sounds so good “bb”; but that should be necessary for the interrogation signs, because this was the reason the index file, supposedly called spatial, got corrupted last time.

Me? I prefer C #. NET and Flex. Pyton also, so I’ll be unforgettable; and JDK, because the other half of people doesn’t know it. Anything heavy on the desktop, everything from the deployment server in order to respect the mark and, I am pleased, although we also work with the competition it’s a fortune, but here among us, in my Acer I carry a portable Qgis to remember that one day the world had 16 bits.

No, I don’t expect what can not be. So, be well.

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