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No Spaces’ blog has more than 500 entries?

clip_image001Windows Live Writter is one of the best inventions that has been relatively good to Microsoft. The new 14.0th version is now ready for download, this includes significant enhancements including:

  • The search function, when you open an old post
  • Preview Tab at the bottom interface
  • Create an images’ collage
  • Insert Youtube videos
  • More images features like Crop functions and new effects
  • Centered Alignment Text
  • Server-side labeling
  • Plug-ins for Twitter, Digg and Flickr
  • Counting words

In short, not bad, as new plug-ins have emerged but have strange obstacles like images from open files that are not viewed and need to be refreshed.

But among the strangest features that didn’t come is that it is not possible to find a post beyond the last 500.

This leads me to two terrible conclusions:

1. That design engineers have never had a big blog, so they have no idea how necessary is return to an old post to modify some of its contents, assign it a category created lately or edit hyperlinks by the change of a domain.

2. That Windows believes in Live Spaces to who by priority must be directed this toy,

… No blog has more than 500 entries.

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