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Bentley Mexico will offer courses

  Bentley Institute has announced a series of MicroStation certified courses with different subjects and specializations in the Bentley Training Centre of Mexico City. The courses are oriented to the different branches of the Bentley’s product line: Consultant Engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, structural engineers, surveyors, instrumentation engineers, professionals in Urbanism, GIS specialists, planning professionals,

Bentley Cadastre, Schema wizard

In an earlier post, I’ve spoken about Bentley Cadastre’s logic and origin, which itself is a Bentley map oriented application for plot management that takes advantage of xfm infrastructure and topological control. In my opinion, Bentley’s Cadastre implementation occupies an alien smoke (a Spanish idiom: “fumada extraterrestre”) in case of walking from scratch; it may

Comparison between CAD software

As there is a comparison between computer geographic information systems (GIS) solutions, also on the Wikipedia there is a table for the CAD tools aimed at what we know as AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) There are usually outdated University teachers who tell students that setting Wikipedia as bibliography source is to lower our work’s level; but

Bentley Power Civil for Spain

Bentley Systems Spain has announced a podcast for the official release of what has been called Power Civil for Spain; a Civil Engineering solution’s area leaned for Spanish market. What Power Civil for Spain is Power Civil, contains GeoPack’s required tools and other associated applications that solves major routines for civilian infrastructure design and implementation

MicroStation V8i’s prerequisites

Bentley prerequisites is a cd where there´s the programs and updates which any Microstation V8i and verticals need to be upgraded before the instalation.  From here you can  Download the Microstation V8i Prerequisites. SelectCD I’ve just received MicroStation V8i new version, I’ll be very busy on it (a Spanish idiom: “tengo para rato”) because I’ve

Import shp map to Microstation

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post Consider the case: I have an ArcView layer containing the villages’ jurisdictions of a zone in shape format, and I wish to import it into Microstation Geographics. Let’s see how to do it: Importing vectors It is necessary for this to open a

How to hide a raster segment

I’m about half an hour trying to explain this to a technician not too expert in Computing, but as he sympathize me, I think it’s better to write the procedure and systematize the free consultations. The case There is a background image, but we want to hide part of it for print and display purposes.

Alfredo Castrejón Named Among 100 Leaders in Mexico’s Energy Industry

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure that sustains our world, today announced that Dr. Alfredo Castrejón, Bentley territory vice president for Latin America, has been named among the 100 leaders of Mexico’s energy industry by Petróleo & Energia – one of the top publications focused on

Bentley Cadastre

Bentley Cadastre is a special application built on Bentley Map from the XM V8.9 version and as its name implies, it is for this task, the Cadastre. Bentley Map is required for its operation, and it is equivalent to a controlled cadastral maintenance module. Priority focus of this application is the topology integration, a property

2011: What to expect: CAD Platforms

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Hello my friends, holidays have left like firecrackers, nacatamales (*) and New Year hugs. It’s good to be back to this side of life in a year good for news. AutoCAD comes from 3 years of having given back to interface and is

Bentley will offer Geo seminars in Spain

The office in Spain of Bentley Systems presents: The First Seminar Geospatial Bentley, Advancing GIS for Infrastructure This will take place in Madrid and Barcelona on 5 and 19 November 2008. This global event will bring together experts from electricity networks, gas, water and telecommunications and civil engineering firms, mapping, and public administrations. Three reasons

Bentley will present Microstation V8i

  It is expected, I hope, that’s what many people expect, that version 8i formally known as Bentley –Athens?- will be formally introduced, where it is assumed that Bentley has been investing its expectations from its failed attempt with Mozart version announced since the V8 release in 2004. This will be in two events the

Why it is called Microstation V8i

Today, as we had announced, Bentley launched its version 8i for its entire product portfolio, with a premiere web page for that purpose, with videos and opinions of different users. Although several of the links in press releases that have been sent have a wrong ftp address. I remember the AutoCAD’s 2001 version was called