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MicroStation V8i’s prerequisites

Bentley prerequisites is a cd where there´s the programs and updates which any Microstation V8i and verticals need to be upgraded before the instalation.  From here you can  Download the Microstation V8i Prerequisites.

bentley prerequisites


I’ve just received MicroStation V8i new version, I’ll be very busy on it (a Spanish idiom: “tengo para rato”) because I’ve also asked for geospatial, engineering and architectural material. To request SelectCD just visit the Bentley download page and with a select user account you can choose the programs you like and they send them to your own house via UPS.

bentley prerequisites

Bentley Prerequisites and installation

The prerequisites, which are saved in a 283 MB executable, must first be installed. It contains:

      • Windows Installer version 3.1v2, if the computer uses XP as “everybody” usually do, then, there should not be a problem.
      • Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5
      • Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 6, 32-bit Service Pack 1
      • It also comes with 64-bit MSXML in case you’ll need to apply for
      • Microsoft visual Basic for Applications core
      • Microsoft visual Basic for Applications localized
      • DirectX 9 c
      • DHTML editing control for applications.

Initially it takes a long period of time to load, so it’s better to copy it to your hard disk and from that location you can run it instead of loading from the CD.

It is interesting to notice that autorun file is configured to run in your browser, as a handy file:///D:/microstation/ which has directory type form.  Meanwhile MicroStation V8i installation allows either the option of extracting the installer or the choice of extracting and installing the 282 MB executable called Setup_MicroStation_08.11.05.17.exe at once.

bentley prerequisitesThis compress file actually contains other rare and unknown things (a Spanish Idiom: “otras ondas”).  At the installation’s end, which is very fast but leaves the machine somewhat still in consumption; it enables immediately the License Activation Wizard and if you have enabled XM single license, it recognizes the key in one step.

First look Microstation V8i

There I am with the new toy, and then I’ll tell you what’s going on with it…

For input, as always, it presents the same interface to avoid learning something new, although now some accesses that occupy two steps are now integrated to the top menu such as UCS, cells, priority, transparbentley prerequisitesence and there you should take a look to the side pane toolbar structure that is rather innovative… mmm… I have seen this before… what does it look like…?

bentley microstation v8i prerequisites

From here you can dowload the bentley prerequisites.

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