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Microsoft releases TrueSpace

I expect a great apology for the expletive that could be offensive in some countries, but shit is the waste that Microsoft is doing with a powerful tool which acquired 5 months ago from Caligari.


And why it seems that Microsoft shits walks in TrueSpace?

Because it suggests a simple intention to compete against Google’s Sketchup! which is called “sketchi“, so from a large robust tool for games animation, architecture and object modeling it expect wasting it for people uploading 3D models to Virtual Earth … oh! these models are input with high definition.

There will be those who believe that it is only the beginning and that Microsoft intends to do more things with TrueSpace… yes Sir, we do not deny but, does it maybe will compete against Autodesk?

Surely not, its quarrel is to do something to improve the Virtual Earth attractiveness. Some will be happy (not that who bought the software) and while others suggest that the choice variety is good, many do not know what to expect.

Ah, the design features for the 3D games are planned to be implemented on Microsoft Second Life. Now when you’re in Windows Vista and you have to download an automatic update, the kind that takes two hours it will suggest the yellow dog. Do you want to enter your second life to see if they haven’t stolen your virtual money or make sure your high definition avatar is not in prison?

Some time ago, Microsoft acquired Multimap, some say this occurred to give makeup MapPoint, equivalent to buying a new Toyota to get spare parts for a Chevrolet.

With this matter about TrueSpace, I just remember when Microsoft purchased FoxPro just to put the logo and kill it in order to offer us the super Access.

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