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Manuals for the use of GPS and Leica Total Station

clip_image001By following a link from the gvSIG mailing lists, which today has formalized the final version 1.10, I found an interesting site. This is Openarcheology.net, driven by Oxford Archeology which seeks to promote the use of tools and free systems for surveying applications in archaeological projects.

The most valuable of the site are the manuals for the use of surveying equipment, including downloading data and layers integration in gvSIG.

Manuals look very practical, because they are not themselves mere documents for the use of tools but are oriented in the methodology to make a survey and for integration into a Geographic Information System. It includes solving problems and formats for data collection.

On the site there is at least 7 documents, apparently they have several contributors but the methodological adaptation is from Anna Kathrin Hodgkinson. Here is the list of manuals; three of these contain a second edition that used gvSIG 1.9 and some enhancements to the documents.

  • Using the Leica Total Station (Robotics) 1200 Series.
  • Using the Leica Total Station 1200 Series.
  • clip_image002 Using Leica GX1230 (backpack)
  • Using Leica GPS RX1250XC

It is a valuable material for some this will have the disadvantage that are in English, but will be useful since the order step by step is well constructed.

To download data it is used Leica GeoOffice. For the GIS integration it is used gvSIG and it is explained some basic issues such as image georeferencing, editing layers, joining tables in layout and printing, etc.

For sample I leave the index of the first manual (Robotic Total Station 1200Series):

Protocols for Setting up the Leica 1200 Total Station
– A few notes
– Survey Book
– End of survey
– Weather conditions
– Survey Setup
– Setting up the Total Station
– Creating a new Job
– The Setup procedure (after job creation)
– Setting up the Back sight-Prism
– Surveying
– Start of survey
– General Survey
– A rough guide to coding and point IDs
Creating points files with co-ordinates and uploading them into the Total Station
Setting out
Troubleshooting on site

– Survey Errors
– Problems encountered with the Total Station
– The EDM and ATR default settings in the Total Station
Protocols for downloading the Leica 1200
Protocols for inputting data into GIS

– The Project Manager
– The data you will deal with
– Point and line data
– Merging and updating the data
Editing Shapefiles
Adding Tables / Events Layers to gvSIG
Joining tables
Printing in gvSIG
Problems encountered with gvSIG

Appendix 1:
Control Co-Ordinates:
Appendix 2:
Survey Codelist
Appendix 3:
Appendix 4:
Drawing of Plans

From here you can download the manuals.


  1. Anna Hodgkinson

    Hi, thank you for your review, just came across it :) Glad you find our manuals useful!
    Just for info, we at OA North have since produced a few more manuals on GIS-related topics:
    Robinson, Christina and Campbell, Dana and Hodgkinson, Anna (2011) Archaeological maps from qGIS and Inkscape: A brief guide. Third edition. Documentation. Oxford Archaeology North.: http://library.thehumanjourney.net/366/

    Hodgkinson, Anna (2011) 3D Visualisation and Analysis of archaeological vector and raster data using open source geospatial software. Documentation. Oxford Archaeological Unit Ltd.: http://library.thehumanjourney.net/659/

    Robinson, Christina (2011) Basic introduction into pgAdmin III and SQL queries. Documentation. Oxford Archaeological Unit Ltd.: http://library.thehumanjourney.net/658/Hodgkinson

    Anna (2011) Download of the Leica 700 and 800 series Total Station. Documentation. Oxford Archaeological Unit Ltd.: http://library.thehumanjourney.net/656/

    Robinson, Christina (2011) QGIS Handy Hints. Documentation. Oxford Archaeological Unit Ltd.: http://library.thehumanjourney.net/657/

    We hope that you might find these documents just as useful. Please feel free to distribute and review them, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks again!
    Anna :)

    • eg!

      Thanks Anna.
      We will se that and some of this theys make a review, because seems very useful.
      Just it´s broken your third link.

      Best regards

      • Anna Hodgkinson

        My apologies, somehow my surname got into that link.
        The correct link for
        Robinson, Christina (2011) Basic introduction into pgAdmin III and SQL queries. Documentation. Oxford Archaeological Unit Ltd. is:

        Please also note that the most up-to-date versions of the Open Source Survey & GIS Manual can be found on the Oxford Archaeology online library (rather than on openarchaeology.net): http://library.thehumanjourney.net/367/

        Many thanks and all the best,

        • eg!

          Thanks Anna.

          I think your job is great.

          • Anna Hodgkinson

            Thank you so much, I’m honoured! :-)

  2. Pavithran P.V

    Please guide me how to upload a codelist in leica 1100 & 1200 series Total Station

    Pavithran P.V (Surveyor)
    Survey and Land Records Dept
    Kerala, India

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