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ESRI and Manifold in the Skidmore College GIS Conference

The institution On January 9, 2009 will be conducting the conference for Skidmore College’s educators. This is an institution located in New York, to get an idea of this center, these are its numbers information: Year of foundation: 1903 2,400 Students 44 states represented 32 countries represented Student to Faculty Ratio 9:1 59% Women 41% Men 241 full –time teachers ...

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Publishing maps on the Internet with Manifold GIS

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post Today we will see how to create a map-publishing service using Manifold GIS IMS. If you have a storage provider, it should be installed an Enterprise Manifold runtime license. In this case I will use Mapserving, a website that provides hosting and publication service for Manifold’s data. There ...

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Read these, while I return

I’m traveling, reviewing reports and planning my vacation. I leave you with Future X, the character created by my son; it was done with a 3D program for children which sound like Plopp… $ 19 worth when you have a creative child. By the way, I recommend a couple of interesting reading. Does it apply for CAD Software? Manifold 8.0.11 ...

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Released version for Manifold GIS

It has been announced this Manifold’s version; from 8.0 release it has been 117 changes, most have been oriented to improve the speed in data management. We must recognize that they have heard most bugs that have been reported for those of us who in an impertinent way have invested for this application, so I take advantage now to mention ...

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