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The magazines are tabloids online and printed with specialized topics

Latin America Geospatial Forum – 2015

A unique opportunity for geospatial professionals in Latin America was unveiled this week in Mexico City.  The three-day Latin America Geospatial Forum was inaugurated at Hotel Hilton Reforma.  The occasion also brought three other conferences together – Group on Earth Observation (GEO) Plenary, annual meetings of UN-GGIM Americas and Mexican Society of Engineers. This unique

GIM International in Spanish, continues with great success

I have received this 2015 first quarter’s edition, with definitely valuable content in Spanish language. Topics by their selves, say us about its partners representing value: Emerges a new era in land administration. This is a great article in which Chrit Lemmen and three colleagues talk about how processes, informatics applications and global approaches are

Bentley Systems Releases 2012 Annual Report Online

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, today announced the release of its 2012 Annual Report, available in digital format at In addition to providing the company’s 2012 performance highlights, the publication sets the stage for Bentley’s 2013 priorities. Performance highlights include: · revenues grew 5 percent

New format of InfoGEO and InfoGNSS magazines

With great pleasure we see that has been launched a new format of the InfoGNSS and InfoGEO magazines, which traditionally have been obtained in pdf format for download. The new format is under the service that provides CALAMEO for online navigation’s magazine, very convenient for its searching and browsing capabilities. This is available from InfoGEO

PC Magazine, moving to the digital version

It has been long time the English version of this magazine had made his retirement, and although announced it in the Spanish version, supermarkets sideboards continued showing copies. Finally, after a couple of months of asking I have come to accept that Televisa finally had stopped production in printed format and I feel that in


This is the name of a digital magazine published by companies of regional representation in Europe from Sokkia and Topcom, headquartered in the Netherlands. Published in Dutch and English simultaneously, with the slogan “professional positioning Magazine“, its content goes beyond a mere catalog of products includes topography quite interesting articles for professional application of the

Political risk map

This has been one of the interesting topics covered in the March issue of GISMagazine, known in our environment as Geoinformatics. This is a geopolitical map, reflecting criteria that turn constraints for the political, social and economic stability, updated in its 17th Edition for 2010. The result is a work of Aon Risk Services, an

Geoinformatics 1: Remote Sensing

Geoinformatics arrives in his first edition of 2010, with a marked emphasis on remote sensing. Although the year is young, it seems that future editions will maintain this line, including this time two of the great from the unfree sector: ERDAS and ENVI. If things are as I imagine them, in future editions they will

120 years of National Geographics

A few years ago, a friend who was moving to his country gave me his collection of the National Geographic magazine that, complete and with moths, now takes a good portion of my bookshelf; so when it was announced a digital version for a 160 GB hard disk, I got that mania of not passing

Maximum PC, a great magazine

The August issue of Maximum PC has been great, is somewhat more expensive than others of their level ($ 9 in the U.S. and $ 12 elsewhere), but subscription hardly costs $ 25 per year, with 12 editions. After PC Magazine eliminate its English print edition, I began to consume this magazine, usually without buying it, for

1 magazine: 3 images

This is the migration map according to DNA tracing. Below is a chart of the time chronology and the increase in global temperatures. 5 million years perfecting the corners were not so pleasant. But advertising was a great treat. Birds on the cliff, seems a lie. The magazine: New Zeland Geographyc, it can be browsed

PostgreSQL could replace MySQL

The latest issue of PC Magazine, which now is no longer in print but can be browsed in digital via Zinio brings some interesting thoughts to chew a Thursday’s soccer gum. It has drawn my attention a theme that in Spanish is translated as what’s on with LAMP? Referring to (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP),

Urban sprawl, 2011 issue

The demographic issue will be in fashion this year – and the following – because there is not much to be done to address solutions on a global basis. The focus of this year for National Geographics is the world’s population on the eve of being adjusting 7 billion. The January issue is a classic