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Less than 10 pictures, the best of my vacation

I’m back at home, it’s difficult to summarize in a post what was on my trip but I will try in a few pictures to reflect it. Someone told me one day that more than 10 pictures in a post is disrespectful, I had to take at least a significant one and to respect the wisdom of my friend here I show 9 photos from the holiday, though I hate what it does to Cartesian hosting, I don’t have enough time to tell it in detail.

With special dedication to my other relatives who accompanied me, from those who I don’t have permission to put their photos on the blog, also to a great friend whom there is no way of paying this money and this time and also to my readers who had the patience for waiting a week with just two scrawny posts.


In this view, the algae on the lake, a boat with many people passing by and at the bottom, the crater left by a meteor impact. I love my new BenQ camera!


This view is taken from the bottom of the bridge, just before go fishing.


My truck trying to climb the cloud forest… in full Holy week we had two days of cold for a tropical wave.


Some boys with their girlfriends on a boat near the place where we fished.


The lures for good fishing, and for those who know me, here you can see my feet. Je je.

clip_image006 clip_image007

Without words…

clip_image008 clip_image009

The Pulapanzak Falls, and, in the right side, making the maximum adrenaline on a cable from one extreme to another.

If you want to see more pictures … only with Facebook.

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