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Learning AutoCAD Civil 3D, valuable resources

Being a member of AUGI MexCCA has many advantages, one of which is the access to learning tools and tutorials. Here I present a summary of the best from the tutorials in Civil 3D use for highways, surveying, and geospatial.

Some are videos, other are pdf files. You must be registered to view them, so you must enter your username and password, or register for the first time.

clip_image001AutoCAD Civil 3D for Roads
clip_image002Return Road design in Civil 3D

Corridors integration to define a return road within Civil 3D software.

clip_image002[1]Sungrazers Design League in Civil 3D

Sungrazers’ design League in Civil 3D using two characteristics: Feature Lines and Quick Profile.

clip_image002[2]Creating a referenced text for Intersection Design
To design a roadways’ intersection, we need to know the elevations of the profiles on items that match each other. Referenced text labels (available from 2008 version) give us a very fast way to obtain this information.
clip_image002[3]Configuring Tool Palettes Civil 3D
We will make the configuration and Customization of Tool Palettes for road design.
clip_image002[4] Create a Virtual Tour of a Road in Civil 3D
In this exercise we will use the virtual tour of a road within Civil 3D Software.
clip_image002[5]Calculating Volumes using a subassembly in Civil 3D
The draw up of a traffic project, particularly the design of roads, often requires the trim volume calculation, based on cross-sectional areas.
clip_image002[6]How to use the Autodesk Civil Design Companion Sheet Manager

Autodesk Civil Design Companion presents a tool that gives us the opportunity to create a printing standard format that involves plant, profiles and cross sections thus generating the entire set of planes that are required for a road project in an automated manner and with the required standards.

clip_image002[7]Label an alignment with AutoCAD Civil3D Mileage flag

We commonly require labeling a horizontal alignment of a highway project with a flag that tells us the mileage of the shaft.

clip_image003Use of AutoCAD Civil in cartography
clip_image002[8] Cleaning tools in AutoCAD MAP

The right use of AutoCAD Map tools, for productivity in mapping tasks.

clip_image002[9]Defining a Coordinate System in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008

On this topic we will discuss how to incorporate a coordinate system in our AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 environment or AutoCAD Map 3D 2008, mainly the LAMBERT coordinates system (INEGI Mexico)

clip_image002[10]Lisp to create a building table of Survey Points for AutoCAD
Generates a Construction Table of Survey Points in AutoCAD 2000 and later.
clip_image004AutoCAD Civil for surfaces handling
clip_image002[11]Analyze Elevations in AutoCAD Civil 3D
Creating a surface through query using the map task pane to select from file object information to generate a surface and make elevation analysis.
clip_image002[12]Extrapolating Surfaces in Civil 3D
The extrapolation of surfaces when we have no data in our field is an interesting situation in which we must obtain additional data beyond our topography, this exercise shows the procedure for extending surfaces within AutoCAD Civil 3D.
clip_image002[13]Using Raster Data to perform the “Drap” on a surface relief
This video shows how to perform this feature so that image acquires the shape of the surface relief.
clip_image002[14]Importing Points in Civil 3D
In this exercise you will import a file of points and we will create a surface
clip_image002[15]Intersecting Surfaces and getting a Centroid Report in Civil 3D
In many cases it is necessary to find the centroid of the 3D figure representing a surface area or volume for the calculation of transport distances in soil movements.
clip_image002[16]Creating Break lines to define surfaces in Civil 3D
A key part of an infrastructure project is to have a reliable topography, to ensure the culmination of a good project with successful implementation work.
clip_image002[17]Creating profile scale labels and cross-sections
Creation of tags as a common requirement for the submission of roads projects, this label indicates the vertical and horizontal scale that will appear both as in profiles and cross sections.
clip_image005Using AutoCAD Civil 3D in other infrastructure
clip_image002[18]Create Tunnel Portals in Civil 3D

It is very common when working in types of underground labor, having to perform work on accesses to these tasks carrying out lower slopes so as to be able to give shape and drainage to access.

clip_image002[19]AutoCAD Civil 3D Channels Sections.

There are many uses for cross-sections (Assemblies). The catalog to model corridors includes components for racers embankments, railways, bridges, canals, ditches, tunnels and more.

clip_image006General use walkthroughs of Civil 3D
clip_image002[20]Production Plan … AutoCAD Civil 3D documentation

This video shows the productivity tools to automate the documentation process of your designs.

clip_image002[21]3D DWF Presentation in PowerPoint
This video will give an overview about Executive Presentations using Autodesk Design View in Power Point.
clip_image002[22]AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 User interface

In this exercise we’ll talk about AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 User Interface

clip_image002[23]General Scales’ Formula in AutoCAD
Proceedings for the scales’ creation within AutoCAD.
clip_image002[24]Migrating data to Civil 3D

Sometimes we receive information from other sources such as simple DWG, DXF, LandXML or GIS files, as drawing entities containing points, contours, alignments and profiles that are not part of a database.

clip_image002[25]Managing large projects with Shortcuts
Although Civil 3D is a very complete tool and gives us huge benefits for the design of infrastructure projects, it is also true that the program demands a lot of hardware resources and when handling large projects, computer performance is diminished considerably. One way to handle large amounts of data is by using the “Shortcuts” (Shortcuts).Managing large projects with Shortcuts – Part II
clip_image002[26]Creating a special label
Using expressions in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 to define special tags
clip_image007Connecting AutoCAD Map with external databases
clip_image002[27]Connect AutoCAD MAP and Oracle

This video shows how to connect to Oracle from Autodesk Map, accessing to Oracle schemas, classifying objects and attributes of the Autodesk Map file and sending it to Oracle.

clip_image002[28]Connect a MS-Access database to Map 3D

Connecting a Microsoft Access Database to Map 3D 2007/2008

clip_image002[29]Chaining Data from a MS-Access Database to Map 3D
Binds data from a Microsoft Access Database to Map 3D 2007/2008
clip_image002[30]Linking to databases in AutoCAD MAP
Integration towards databases using AutoCAD Map

Temporally this site of to remodel.  We hope can be online again because there´s not many sites like this with resources for AutoDesk Civil 3D.

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