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Land Management

The land management is the name which includes the sciences involved in the earth study

LADM implementation using INTERLIS – Colombia

The INTERLIS course, seen as a language and instrument to facilitate the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) implementation in the environment of Colombia land administration was held the third week of June 2016. The course was held in two stages, one at a basic level / theorist with a large group of different institutions involved

what3words for Land Administration + QGIS Plugin

What is what3words what3words is an address solution that makes it easy for non‐technical people to communicate precise location using words instead of coordinates.  It is based on a 3×3 metre grid where each square has been allocated a unique address using 3 words from the dictionary, for example index.home.raft . 3 word addresses are

6 aspects to be considered in the cadastre – registry integration

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Making the Cadastre and the Real Estate Registry to work jointly is currently one of the most interesting challenges of the property rights systems modernization process. The problem tends to be the same, even going beyond our Hispanic context. On one hand the

Registration and Cadastre in the National Transaction System context

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Every day countries focus on e-Government trends, where processes are simplified in search of a better service provision to citizens, as well as to decrease margins for corruption or unnecessary bureaucracy. We are aware that legislation, institutions and processes in property’s matter in

Latin American Forum on Notable Instruments of Urban Intervention

The Program for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy announces this important forum, which will take place in Quito, Ecuador from 5 to 10 May 2013. Organized in conjunction with the State Bank of the Ecuador’s Republic aims to disseminate, share and evaluate an urban intervention remarkable toolkit developed

Comunic@ / particip@: Services for municipalities

Tuent some time ago announced new service Comunic@, which added to Particip@ seem to be the best in land management services that can be exploited by municipalities to improve transparency and citizen participation. Particip@ This is a service target to citizens that through a platform can report to the municipality suggestions, demands, proposals or other

Land’s Ordainment Virtual Course

The Bolivian Center for Multidisciplinary Studies (CEBEM) and the Center for Advanced Studies of San Simon Major University (CESU-UMSS) announce the 8th. Version of this introductory course on Land’s Ordainment, aimed for professionals from all areas and people interested in learning, deepen, analyzing and exchanging criteria on land’s administration role as a factor in promoting

Engineering, GIS and local management: courses coming

At least these are courses that are coming in Latin America, there is now available the possibility of applying them: Soil Markets: Event: course Soil Markets’ Empirical Methods in Latin America Date: 19 – 23 October, 2009 Place: San José, Costa Rica Summary:  This course is designed to familiarize researchers and people working in the

The data in the cadastre

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. The multipurpose criterion in the cadastre is highly questionable; the reason is not its utility but also the data sustainability. If we made a extreme exercise (as well as capon’s cock (*) :)), it might be that “all” the data are useful sooner

The financing of urban development

This is the name of the International Forum carried out in Tijuana, Mexico from September 24 to 26, 2009. It seems a very important issue for the Latin American environment because it is based on departures experience from these countries. And it is that those who have seen land use approaches referred at the top

It is about to start a diploma in OT

  The commencement date of the higher diploma’s first edition in Management and Territorial Planning (DSPOT) approaches in this 2009’s first half. This will be carried out in Antigua Guatemala, promoted by DEMUCA Foundation and with Lincoln Institute’s participation. The DSPOT is intended for both authorities and municipal officials and to other key local stakeholders

Urban sprawl, 2011 issue

The demographic issue will be in fashion this year – and the following – because there is not much to be done to address solutions on a global basis. The focus of this year for National Geographics is the world’s population on the eve of being adjusting 7 billion. The January issue is a classic

It’s ready the Lincoln call for research projects 2008 / 2010

The Program for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy announces its annual call for investigation proposals with development / implementation until January 2010. Interestingly, this Institute was born of someone’s creativity who received an inheritance and idle land, after investing heavily in companies which became prosperous; he realized that

International Seminar on Land Use Planning

From January 27 to 29 2009 will be developing a Land Management seminar in Lima, aimed to professionals (including politicians) working on land management issue, among the exhibitors there are from Brazil, Peru and Paraguay. Aware that this field will become a common discussion topic, both from academic approach and in its practical application we