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KML Manager, too much for 12 Euros

Small solutions always caught my attention; I think that if they don’t exceed $ 50 and solve what a great program doesn’t, they should be lucky.

Today I want to show you KML Manager, a tool that just goes by 12.95 euros, it weighs less than 1 MB but let’s see what is within this egeomate (Spanish Idiom: “geofumada” which in this case means a brilliant idea).


Read and edit data

The best thing done by KML Manager is to read many formats, edit and export to others.

It is not bad to read data as Open Street Maps, GPX, Garmin Way points and points of interest or TomTom itineraries. But apart from reading, you can also edit several of them; or even combine data in separate files.

We must try it to be convinced, because if you have a kml, whose coordinates are geographical, when exported to cvs you can choose to send them to UTM and it only identify the corresponding area.

When exporting to GPX you can choose whether the data will be Waypoint, Route or Tracks. You can also go to GPX Mapsource, Nokia Maps .lmx and formats .rte from Navigon and .xml / .trk from Medion.

Deploy in Google Maps

A very attractive picket is that any data you have can be deployed on Google Maps, making it easy to take data from a Garmin and raise them in a Google Maps window without transforming them. Or something more extreme: read data from Open Street Maps, and then deploy them on Google Maps (the vectors, of course)

Here is the table that speaks for itself.

Formats that reads Formats that edits or exports
  • KML 2.1
  • KML 2.0
  • KMZ
  • GPX 1.1
  • CSV
  • ASC (TomTom)
  • ITN (TomTom)
  • Openstreetmap OSM
  • NMEA (GPS data)
  • Geocaching
  • PTH MagicMaps
  • TK Kompass
  • PLT OziExplorer Tracks
  • BCR Motorrad Routenplaner Map&Guide
  • WPT PCX5 Garmin Waypoints
  • . bcr de MapGuide
  • KML 2.1
  • GPX 1.1
  • CSV
  • ASC (TomTom)
  • ITN (TomTom)
  • OV2 (TomTom)
  • XML
  • PTH MagicMaps
  • Garmin POI Loader CSV
  • Nokia Maps POIs
  • Navigon
  • Medion

For the next version they are considering to export data in different formats simultaneously. The trial version is fully functional for 14 days.

You can download KML Manager here

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