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Ipad, my 27 favorite applications

Playing, playing with this tablet I proposed to stop using the laptop at the beginning of next year. My uncertainty whether it will really be possible led me to search the basic tools that will replace what I do – and don’t do – in my routine.


It is just interesting Apple’s operating model with these tablets, because the applications are downloaded or bought, and can easily be known if there are updates. Synchronization is clean, the system detects if there are applications that have not passed the tablet and before updating new changes makes a backup just in case.

The purchase is practical, you must register at AppleStore, you just have to search by keyword or subject and you just have to download and accept debit cards. Once purchased, wanting to download them from another computer, it recognizes that it had already been paid and does not charge credit card again.

Here I leave the best I’ve found:

6 For Security, access and administration. Surely in the next Ipad’s generation, these things will come into the operating system.
clip_image002 Search my Ipad.

Allows seeing on Google Maps, where is your Ipad, in case you forget it or get stolen. You can reset it from there, follow or send a message.

Free for three months
clip_image003 DropBox

To store information in the cloud. Works as hard-disk on line, a little better than storing mail in Gmail.

clip_image004 Team Viewer
The best that I have checked and work in Ipad but it has the disadvantage that usually occupies another opened panel for giving instructions to Skype … momentary disadvantages of the current version nearly (‘quasi’) multitasking.
clip_image005 LastPass Tab Browser
Very good to manage page’s passwords that are used frequently. Useful because Ipad do not support user sessions.
clip_image006 USB Disk for Ipad
This allows you to manage stored files like a USB memory.
clip_image007 HD Battery

This shows you a chart about the battery state, how much time remains in different options, using Wireless, 3G and audio.

7 For ordinary work of Office, CAD and basic GIS.
clip_image008 Pages
Is an equivalent to Microsoft Word. In many things is more practical, nothing more than using nails. Supports .docx files, with some limitations when using unusual fonts.
clip_image009 Numbers
Something like Excel. It reads .xlsx files although ungroup merged cells. Have a visual potential that I have not yet exploited.
clip_image010 2Do
Great to keep track of things to do
clip_image011 AutoCAD WS
I had already reviewed it a couple of days ago; great for working dwg / dxf files but has not kept pace with the web version.
clip_image012 GISRoam
The very best that has come to work with GIS layers. Supports shape files, elevations, raster editing, themed, consultation and more.
clip_image013 ArcGIS
It is a GIS data viewer, able to stick to Web services that are raised with ArcGIS Server. I hope to review this in the coming days to see if it supports any standard OGC.
clip_image014 Calculator HD
Basics for normal calculator functions. There is other more complex, with graphics, but not to replace the dinosaur brought by Windows, this is sufficient.
For entertainment and leisure or take inspiration
clip_image015 TuneIn Radio
Robust, to listen to radio stations. Identifies the area where you live, because of the location’s function bring with Ipad
clip_image016 FarmVille

Since the Ipad doesn’t support Flash in the current version, this application lets you do basic farm.

clip_image017 Ibooks
To download and read books with ease. Very good, supports any kind of book, with drawings and colors, tasks that Kinddle can not do.
clip_image018 World Atlas HD
Very good atlas of National Geographics, to learn more, locate, find locations. Ideal for those who travel a lot or are handcuffed to the maps. Includes basic information about countries.
4 For writing, or at least not lose the habit.
clip_image019 BlogPress

A great application for blogging. Supports the most common content management: Among these are Blogger and WordPress, or TypePad, LiveJournal, Movable Type, SquarespaceLive Spaces, Tumblr and Joomla. Unfortunately is difficult for it to recognize the XMLRPC.

clip_image020 RAE
Dictionary of the Royal Academy, an indispensable tool for those who deal constantly in writing. Includes dictionary of synonyms and antonyms, verbs conjugation and prehispanic doubts dictionary.
clip_image021 Evernote
To navigate there, scoring or remember.
clip_image022 Chapters
This is very good at writing that story with which you spend hours of leisure during travel. It facilitates the work be creating chapters and sections as opposed to other notebooks.
3 To stay connected
clip_image023 IM+ Pro
For instant messaging is very good. It can be manage from the same panel to Yahoo, Facebook, Google Talk, Twitter, MSN, MySpace, Skype. Anyway, all and may even have new mail alerts.Voice recognition costs, to dictate instead of writing $ 0.99 per month, but only recognizes English.
clip_image024 Skype
It is not the great thing, in fact is the implementation of the iPhone in banana plug size. But as it is necessary, there is.
clip_image025 Flipboard
The best I’ve seen to be aware. In a panel can be tracked both contents, via Google Reader and Facebook. The most interesting thing is that you can see quick read, complete, even go to the page without losing the back button on the board.
3 What my children like
clip_image026 Mega Man II
Loved by my son, in vertical has a resemblance of Arcade’s manual control machines. In horizontal panel is at side.
clip_image027 JamPad
Nice piano for the kids to practice with headphones on in a boring trip.
clip_image028 SketchBook Pro
It is not really an application for children. It is a great tool for drawing. But it’s my daughter who is a pleasure with this toy.

In total 27, only 8 of them are paid, totaling just over $ 60. Although the discomfort of working with a keyboard that does not fit with your fingers seems to be more complex and probably end up making me spend more on hardware rather than software.

… I forgot … Happy Christmas!

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