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International Seminar on Land Use Planning


From January 27 to 29 2009 will be developing a Land Management seminar in Lima, aimed to professionals (including politicians) working on land management issue, among the exhibitors there are from Brazil, Peru and Paraguay. Aware that this field will become a common discussion topic, both from academic approach and in its practical application we can understand the Ordinance something more than just painted maps, so that’s why we make some advertising now.


  • Promote professionals and municipal officials’ awareness on the problems and potentialities of its territory management.
  • Develop a new vision of Regional Provincial and Local District planning process, through proper land use planning with emphasis on economic and social infrastructure, development of settlements and productive activities.
  • Promote and facilitate sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity, the occupation of the territory in accordance with the characteristics and potentials of ecosystems, environmental conservation, cultural heritage preservation and welfare of the population.
  • Create or strengthen the capacities of technical specialists working in planning processes and development of institutions and national and local organizations that require applying concepts, methodologies and tools to develop national, regional, municipal and local land use plans and also at watershed level.


  • Policy Definition
  • Natural Disaster Risk Management
  • Basins Management
  • Software SPRING – BRAZIL
  • Food Security
  • Participation by Gender
  • Social Conflicts
  • Human Security
  • National System of Public Investment – SNIP

Although it is being organized by PGA, the fact that several academic and governmental institutions are sponsoring this gives us the impression that will be of great benefit; these are some of the sponsors where participants are expected:

  • Ong DRIS Sustainable Rural Development.
  • Federico Villarreal National University – Faculty of Geographical Environmental Engineering and Ecotourism.
  • Cesar Vallejo University – Faculty of Environmental Engineering.
  • National University of Cajamarca – Faculty of Engineering.
  • Universidad Nacional del Pilar – Ñeembucu – Paraguay.
  • Association of Municipalities of Peru.
  • Direction of Hidrography and Navigation of the Peruvian Navy

For a price ranging from 300 new soles, and worth signing up, participants will receive a CD with all presentations, course documents, in addition, will provide refreshments, certification and right to valet service… it will be in the Marina Club so the parking lot makes it more useful.

You can get more information in PGA

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