Interact in UTM with Google Earth

Plex.mark! is a development made on Google Earth ActiveX, that facilitates the operation directly in UTM, not just for getting coordinates but also to enter them. It’s free.

Install Plex.mark!

It must be downloaded from Plescape, the Greek manufacturer company of Plex.Earth tools; after it’s installed, it creates the shortcut on the desktop. To run it, Google Earth must be running and requires activated license through a link to email.

Get coordinates

It is interesting that instead of having a cursor with offset free, what you have is a fixed Center pointer, and to locate a point what is done is move the background to match the point that interests us with this pointer.


See how simple it brings options to choose the area, in this case, this plot is the DF (Mexico City), so we choose the zone 14 N. The Placemark position icon is selected for getting the coordinate position, and gets up a panel with the coordinates and the option to assign a name. For basic purposes, you can copy / paste the coordinates.


Enter coordinates

There are two buttons in the placemark position panel, the first one is for placing a point, you can enter the coordinates directly or via copy / paste, and the point is located at the place called by the coordinates. Then the file can be saved as a kml / kmz for deployment with other CAD / GIS program; it is interesting that there, the point will not have lat / lon coordinates but UTM’s and the name.

The second button to update the data, doing a shift, gets the y-coordinate of the point on which the cursor is located. The procedure for entry points is:

Move the cursor, updating coordinates, naming the point, place the point.

Not bad, considering that this toy is going to grow, we assume that the following task would place polylines with polygons using snapping. They promised to send the beta version as soon as it is ready.


The best I’ve seen in toys for Google Earth, considering that no charges.

Here you can download Place.mark!, it is free.

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