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Informatics on February 2009 in Habana


From February 9 to 13 2009, La Habana will host the XIII edition of the International Convention and Informatics Fair 2009, which will be held at the Conventions Palace of La Habana and at the PABEXPO fairgrounds.

The event is a collection of 14 different events in terms of technology, one who attends can go to any of the events according to its interest. Viewing the content anyone would like to go to La Habana not only to take a photo with the statue of José Marti.

For now I’m seriously considering the possibility of attending, especially since it happens on this side of the pond. These are the events to be included at the same time:

  • XIII Informatics Congress in Education
  • VII International Informatics Congress in Health
  • VI International Congress in Geomatics
  • IV International Congress of Technologies, Contents, Multimedia and Virtual Reality
  • IX Ibero American Security Seminar in Information Technologies
  • IV International Symposium in Telecommunications
  • IV International Workshop about Free Software and Software’s open standards
  • IV Quality Workshop in Information Technologies and Communications
  • III International Workshop in E-Commerce
  • International Workshop: “ICT in Organizations’ Management
  • IX International Symposium in Automation
  • 2nd Symposium about Informatics and Community
  • II International Computing and Electronics Symposium: design, applications, advanced techniques and actual challenges
  • Telecommunications Regulators’ Symposium: “Regulation for the benefit of our people”

There are interesting the Geomatics’ Congress and the Free Software Workshop in which Xurxo looks like to participate as a speaker by the FOSS4G. Although it doesn’t have the complete agenda, this is what the official site is announcing:

Date Activity Detail
Saturday 7 Pre-Conference Workshops
  • ISO 19100: Geographics information standards
  • Open Source Software for Geoinformatics
Monday 9 Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Remote Sensing for Development
  • Education in Geomatics
  • Photogrammetry
  • Modern geodetic reference systems
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Assessing the IDEs’ impact on society
  • Marine spatial data infrastructures
Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12
  • Master readings  and technical sessions
Friday 13 Pre-Conference Workshops
  • United Nations Geographic’s information ordered as IDEs: Regional, National, and Local perspectives
  • Spatial semantics and sustainable development
Saturday 14 Pre-Conference Workshops
  • IDEs in the Caribbean and risk’s Management

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