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In Washington

Don’t believe that I’m taking photos at the Capitol; I just hope that United Airlines services will be opened to Houston, all to make use of cheap flights from midnight.

It’s funny that just today, two years ago I wrote my first post on egeomates.

Even more curious is that this trip would not have existed if I did not have this blog.

clip_image001So if you ask, is it worth having one?

Yes, if you are willing to sacrifice an hour in the night once the kids are asleep and the wife is … sleeping.

I leave a picture of the Pacific Ocean on the coast between Guatemala and El Salvador.

Tomada cuando el avión se mete al mar antes de soltarse como pez volador sobre el aeropuerto de Comalapa.

It was taken when the plane hit the sea before releasing as a flying fish on the Comalapa airport.

I was testing the twilight effect of Benq’s chamber that someone called Fire Mark only because it was not a Sony.

It is also pleasant to rest on an Acer Aspire One that does not work for AutoCAD but when traveling far it’s great.

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