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Ikkaro for knowing how things are done


These days there are many pages devoted to the “how to” topic, among these stands out Ikkaro, a site dedicated to inventions and home experiments, although it goes far beyond home with technology issues and links to AutoCAD Inventor or other webs who kindly recommend.

Although now and thanking to Zync I’m building this post, I remember being aware of this site some time ago when they were promoting a contest to choose the logo they now have, and watching their statistics it seems to have fared quite well.

clip_image002Ikkaro’s content is very practical, includes videos and images that can get a good fix to a student which requires a quick invention focus on environmental protection, of which there are interesting examples. At the same time some are very simple as shown on the right, a way to recycle a CPU cooler turned into clipboard.

While in content this site is riding quite well in its “how to” theme, in the site’s structure, it should come well a better categories hierarchy that is limited to the amount of content. These, for now are:

It has drawn my attention the post that shows how to build a rotating mechanical gyroscope, which is a similarity (in concept) with the ones that aerial photography catch planes have to maintain flight lines … well, or what they had before the existence of modern systems now controlled by global positioning. It is also interesting the post of how to completely disarm a dot matrix printer so that each piece can be separated for recycling.

So I do not delay you more, I recommend watching Ikkaro and its forum … and if you use a reader, it is not bad idea to add your feed.

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