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II meeting of free Geomatics, Venezuela


TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post

This November 13 and 14 will be carrying out in Caracas the second event, after that it seems that the previous, held in July, was quite well.

Draws much attention the issue, among the presentations that are out of peninsular conventionalism catches my attention:

“A recipe for the development of open source tools” that will be taught by Giovanni Quaglianno from SIGIS

Here I leave something of the agenda in perverse order

Free Geomatics Francisco Palm (CENDITEL)
The open geospatial ecosystem Alejandro chumaceiro (SIGIS)
Migration process to free GIS Silvia Porras (PDVSA)
Free data for a free society Peter Blanco (MAT)
GIS on line Luis Laporta and Lourdes Hernández (SIGOT – MINAMBIENTE)
Policies and standards for mapping information and geospatial services Yobany Quintero (CORPOVARGAS)
Components of a Spatial Data Infrastructure Valenty Gonzalez (CREATIVA C. A.)
National Spatial Data Infrastructure and GIS Commal Zaida Pinto (CNTI)
Community surveys José Campos (HIDROFALCON)
Building a GIS from a Live – USB Carlos Ruiz (HOWARTH)

There will also be a forum of the free Geomatics’ growth in Venezuela and live demonstrations of PostGIS and PostgreSQL from creating a GeoDatabase and construct a perpendicular linestring of nearby geometries.

I get the impression that this initiative will go on, it has improved identity with a more creative logo and even now they have created a community in Openplans, which I heard about through Mauricio Marquez where there have been register several users. It could be welcome if they collect the presentations of the events and upload to the site … and continue posting.


So if you are near, don’t miss the event I’m thinking one of these days appear there next year if the Commander don’t try me as a “pitiyankee“(*) he he.

I forgot, because we are Hispanic countries and for some strange reason when everything seems to be ready then appear a drawback, it is worth being aware of whether there has been no “news” in its discussion list.


(*)pitiyankee: This is a word often used by Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, to allude at Latin American people or others who love the ‘American way of life’ and don’t recognize or want to hide their origin.

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