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HydroloGIS joins the gvSIG Association

HydroloGIS, the company behind the open source projects Geopaparazzi and JGrasstools, has officially joined the gvSIG Association.


What this small Italian based company brings to the Association, is the expertise of their environmental engineers in the fields of hydro-geomorphological analyses and risk mapping, as well as water management, processing of LiDAR data and digital field mapping. The reason their experts were keen to join the development model of the gvSIG Association was mainly the fact that it is based on knowledge sharing, solidarity and cooperation, three principles which reflect the way HydroloGIS was conceived from the outset and the way it has evolved over the past 11 years.

This new member adds a range of new tools related to hydrology, hydraulic and geomorphology to the already substantial product catalog created by the member companies DISID, Scolab, ICarto and Creativa:

  • gvSIG Desktop, the Open Source Geographic Information System
  • gvSIG Roads, a solution for road infrastructure management based on a free applications suite
  • gvSIG Online, a web platform dedicated to fast deployment of location aware websites
  • gvNIX, a tool for rapid web application development

“For HydroloGIS this is a win-win situation. We can now better concentrate on our core business of scientific environmental modeling and mobile application development. Together with the gvSIG Association we are able to offer our solutions at any level of the software stack, whether it’s web, desktop GIS or mobile. The Association’s strong commitment to open source, cooperation and solidarity reflects everything HydroloGIS believes in”, declared the founders of HydroloGIS.

Alvaro Anguix, general manager of the gvSIG Association, stated about the new member company: “We are satisfied with the incorporation of HydroloGIS in the gvSIG Association. On the one hand, we increase our know-how with experts in strategic sectors like water management, and our development ability, relying on developers on recognized geoprocessing and LiDAR tools like JGrasstools, and GIS for mobile devices, like Geopaparazzi. On the other hand, the incorporation of a new company, in this case at a European level, is a further step toward the consolidation of a business model based on solidarity, collaboration and shared knowledge.”

About the gvSIG Association

The gvSIG Association is an open international non-profit organization. Its members, all of which are SME’s and organizations internationally renowned for their expertise on geomatics, are involved in the development of the gvSIG project and the diffusion of the FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial). At present the gvSIG Association consists of one of the biggest network of experts in free geomatic software world-wide. The gvSIG Association offers services at the highest professional standard, as their numerous references will testify. The open source philosophy of the gvSIG Association is implemented by activating a complete knowledge transfer to its clients, supplying them with binaries, source code, documentation as well as a comprehensive training programme of the services provided. More at www.gvsig.org.

About HydroloGIS

HydroloGIS is an Environmental Engineering Company whose aim it is to correlate IT and engineering through the development and the application of environmental models in support of the engineering design. The environmental models for the evaluation of the variables necessary for the engineering design are developed in co-operation with the Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering of the University of Trento. In addition HydroloGIS actively co-operates in research projects with the University of Bolzano. More at www.hydrologis.com.

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