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How to place a map in a web

Suppose we want to put in a blog’s post or on a page a Google maps window, with a specific area and a mark in the center with details. Additionally, we would like to put it with a search engine on the bottom.

The simplest way is opening the map on Google Maps, and choosing the option “link map in embedded form” which it can customize some parameters. This doesn’t occupy API and is done through the “iframe” way.

The other way is using the API, through a wizard made for AJAX, which lets you create the code giving few details:

1. Define parameters


In this case, you must define the window pixel size that we want to show it is preferable to maintain one that is within the maximum blog’s post width as being 400px

Then you must define whether you want a citywide approach, street or block.

You can specify the details expected in the trademark, name, url and address.

By pressing the “preview center location” it can be viewed how the window would be displayed.

2. Enable rights to the API

The following is to provide data on the web where we hope to show the window. This is to allow our API number for the web… and therefore be responsible for any violations we could be doing in terms of Google.


Normally, to acquire an API, you enter this site, and request one for a specific url, then you’re asked to enter your Gmail account and you are assigned a number and a code example. If you have already opened the Gmail session, the system associates the account.

3. Generate the code


Pressing the “generate code” button it is created the necessary html to insert only the blog. For this you must activate the code option paste it and is ready, if you paste in a different web, to which the API has been approved, , you will see a message discrediting it.

And ready, it should look good. Go to the wizard

As an API based on AJAX, something from established script does not work very well in some content managers, such as WordPress MU where there is control functionality but in general it should run fine.

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