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How to improve the speed of the Internet

The theme is a lie, because the best way to improve speed is to pay a better bandwidth, buy a better computer, and switch to another browser (different from IE) or navigate through the web in a courteous manner.

But it can happen that even with a fine pc, a first-class connection and a faster browser, it seems that something goes wrong, the connection is slow and it takes a long time to display a page. Here are some tips:

1. The browser

clip_image001It will be the most popular browser, but studies have shown that Internet Explorer isn’t the best and once you test another browser, you finish hating IE. As a first change, I might suggest you Mozilla, although Chrome, which is from Google, goes quite well in javascript execution but has less plug-ins and since the beginning confuses to everyone who is accustomed to view all buttons as print, save and that stuff that are little used.

If you’re more Geek, this point is off, surely you’re using Opera or, if you’re Mac, Safari is the chose option. Both are very sturdy.

The image below shows the simplicity of Chrome: tabs, a bar with the Favorites urls, basic buttons to go back, forward, refresh, a researcher at the same address bar and two buttons for things you can take another day. The girl… an Autodesk legend is one of the displays of The CAD Geek.com, a great blog!


2. A regular Cleaning

A frequent clean of the History, pages stored in the cache and cookies is healthy at least once a week.

Chrome has this task in the second button, although it is not wrong to learn the following shortcut:

CTRL + shift + Del

Or, as it would be in Spanish

CTRL + mayus + supr

3. TheDNS cache cleaning

This can be done by right-clicking the connection icon and choosing repair, but sometimes it takes too much time, so you take the risk of not finding the assigned IP or if you have an IP assigned directly, it couldn’t do anything.

So, it’s better to do like the old way:

Start> Run> cmd> enter

We see a horrible black screen and there you must write:

ipconfig / flushdns

and press enter


Wonderful!, this apply a purgative in less than 5 seconds, if that frees the embarrassment from the guts of your connection, we should adopt best practices by avoiding the installation of downloader’s accelerators, programs that are sharing torrents, intruders stealing your wireless, or a good antivirus update because there are many Trojans which are fatal in this.

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